Bai Hua Shu 2012, Pu’er shengcha

Bai Hua Shu 2012, Pu’er shengcha

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One Hundred Flower Trees

Going pass the famous Jingmai tea region and deep into the rocky mountains of Lancang Lahu, 1800m above sea level into the turf of the Haqniq ( aka Hani ) tribes, enter the ancient hermit village of One Hundred Flower Trees ( hence the name Bai Hua Shu ). The tougher climate here maybe a little too rough for domesticated tea cultivars, so only indigenous tea trees grow here, and they are really old. The locals say all are at least 200 hundred years. They are harvested only once a year for their first flush. The fresh tea is always very potent. We have matured it for over 10 years to make sure their beautifully tamed characters can be well manifested in your cup.

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Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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New tea leaf buds spouting from an ancient tree

You do not see tidy rows of tea bushes, but wild old tea trees here and there, way taller than you, croaked or ordinary looking, but spouting lively young greens nevertheless.

一年一採 百花樹

Taste profile

Nose: Intense, sweet, earthy aroma with a clean, dry hay overtone. Distinct accents of raisin and honey. Notes of jujube and dangshen (codonopsis pilosula). Palate: Full body with velvety mouthfeel. Deep, complex maltiness with accents of maltase, raisin and brewery yeast. Tints of bitterness and bites of citrus rind. Finish: Strong huigan with tones of Chinese liquorice root.

Infusion note

The infused leaves of Bai Hua Shu Maocha

The infused leaves of Bai Hua Shu Maocha

Please refer to this article: About Infusing Pu’er Maocha

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