Biluochun Supreme, traditional green tea

Biluochun Supreme, traditional green tea

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The Aromatic Green Snail

These fragrant little leaves are so fluffy that one may want to make a down pillow out of them for sweet dreams every night. However, they are certainly not the softest tasting green tea. A fine Biluochun like Tea Hong’s does have a smooth body but enough character for optimal stimulation. Yet gentle enough to be one’s company throughout the day, even when you are searching deep inside for that piece of critical article you have to write, as those royals or literati did in old Qing China.

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Net weight: 50 g (1.8 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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馥郁上品 明前碧螺春

Taste profile

Warm, lively floral aroma with definitive undertone of baked mung bean and a slight tint of nutmeg and fennel seed. Smooth, yet vibrant infusion of a slightly malty sweet body accented with a slight fruity tang. Mildly malty aftertaste.

Infusion tip

Begin by using water at 85°C and a ratio of 1 g to 100 ml water for smaller vessels, half that for infusions larger than 750 ml. Try 4 min initially for smaller pots and at least 6 min for larger ones.

Raise the temperature for more sharpness and aroma. Reduce infusion time for even softer body. Increase it for more umami. This tea can be sharper when using higher temperature or higher leaf ratio.

60,000 plucks for 500 grams

Infused leaf size comparison

The infused leaves of a tea reflect a few things about the tea. Leaf size is one aspect of study. From left: Huangshan Spring Equinox, Taiping Houkui Traditional, Biluochun Supreme, Longjing Pure

It is said that they need sixty thousand plucks to make 500 grams of Biluochun. We have not really counted, but this surely is the tiniest leaf size in our whole collection. What does a small leaf size mean? Other than that the leaves are very young and therefore containing a high density of the potent of all tea polyphenols, it also means a lot more hard work per gram of tea!

The photograph above is a non-retouched, single shot of the infused leaves of four green teas. The leaves are put side by side on top of a light box to void background distraction.

From left to right: Huangshan Spring Equinox, Taiping Houkui Traditional, Biluochun Supreme, Longjing Pure.

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Weight 150 g
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