Congou Rustic

Congou Rustic

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Shen Hulin Dabai:

Not all tea productions go to the open market. Some are reserved home for sharing with the family and neighbors. They don’t have to look good, because everyone is casual about daily look here in the village. Congou Rustic has a direct, pleasant character, and yet with quite a full body taste profile suitable for enjoying straight, hot, cold, or even chilled, as people in the villages have them throughout the day.

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Net weight: 50 g (1.8 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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Taste profile

Aroma of cookie with slight hints of flowers, fresh plum peels and a light touch of wood smoke. Round and lightly sweet with citrus accents on a base of light malt, cereal and prune; and suggestion of cinnamon. Sweet aftertaste.

Infusion tips

Make this tea either light an easy for drinking plain like they do at the village, or really dark for serving with milk and sugar.

Additional information

Weight 160 g
Dimensions 18 × 9 × 5 cm
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  1. Nature’s Poetry

    Congou Rustic is such a pleasure – mellow strength, bright and straightforward with a rich, generous taste. Its understanding liquor took my palate by surprise and quenched a really thirsty place. I only disagree with a previous caveat to look beyond the tea’s supposed unmanaged appearance. In a life of flat teabags, an encounter with texture and substance makes me weep and I am reaching for another tissue now. This rugged tea is tangled together with little hints of underbrush, reminding me of where it came from. No one is likely to ever forget their first taste of Congou Rustic. Please thank the farmer who wrangled this one in.

  2. Easy Going Black Tea

    I have been kindly surprised with this black tea . In spite his clear and defined taste character it didn’t become bitter or astringent. It is, after long infusions, mild and sweet even when you forgot to pour it in a timely way.

    Other clear -but less important- advantage is his value for money price.

  3. A Good Starting Hongcha

    This is my first full-leaf hongcha, and I’m glad it was. It has a direct, enticing flavour neither bitter or overly sweet, with a short aftertaste. It is a good “meal tea”.

    You get a considerable amount of tea for a good price, which makes this an easy choice for brewing in larger pots for gatherings. This tea does not seem to “overbrew” especially fast, but further experience might tell otherwise.

    This tea is also suitable for brewing at half strength and carrying in a thermos, where it will keep for more than two hours without getting bitter. It has been my experience that the so-called “floral” characteristics are simplified but made more bold by this method.

    Overall, this is a very good selection for a very good price.

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