Himalayan Finest Flowery, orthodox black tea

Himalayan Finest Flowery, orthodox black tea

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Nepali Finest Orthodox:

If black tea from China is too soft for your taste, perhaps this is a good option. While having same level of pleasant flowery character, Himalayan Finest Flowery has a lot more sharpness and strength. Our garden, 1800m above the Dhankuta region, lends a pristine growth environment for the tea. The extreme difference between day and night, winter and spring, the dry air and unique minerals in the soil give a distinctive taste profile to this light color black tea. EU and USDA certified organic.

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Net weight: 80 g (2.8oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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Taste profile

Fragrant dry leaves. Refreshing bright floral aroma with distinctive notes of citrus peel in the likes of bergamot. Crisp, earthy accents. Strong, full body infusion that is lightly sweet and malty. Lively with tinkling tones of minerals and slight citrus bites. Refreshing aftertaste.

Infusion tips

Steeping for 5~6 minutes at 95°C gives you the full taste profile. However, if you prefer more flowery aroma, use more leaves with shorter infusion time. Please note that this is a strong tea, use the 1g to 100ml water ratio ( or less ) for plain drinking.

Comparable with the finest Darjeeling

While Darjeeling has enjoyed a popularity and a surging price, this similar tea that comes from the other side of the national border has yet to be a household name. We have been working with perhaps the most serious tea farmer to bring you this single batch first flush that shines even amongst its peers. Enjoy the great value before the rising fame of Nepali tea demands a higher price.

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Weight 230 g
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  1. Holiday Worthy

    With hands wrapped around a warming cup of Himalayan Finest Flowery, my thoughts turn to the approaching winter festivities. The tea’s distinctive aroma would mingle nicely with the scent of a balsam wreath hanging nearby. In addition to its woodsy notes, Himalayan Finest Flowery has a silky mouthfeel with hints of rosewater, kumquat and freshly grated nutmeg. Stomp the snow off your boots and come sit by the fire while I pour you some. Would you like a warm gingerbread man to go with it?

  2. Great Strong Character

    I first tried this with 2g in 100mL gaiwan for 5 minutes. The aroma reminds me of traditional style phoenix oolong. In the mouth as well, it has this flowery/fruit-like character, though of course not as prominent as those of oolongs. As I drank, I also found certain similarities with white tea (Zhenghe). Combine them with the strong taste (at this parameter I felt it was a little bit too bitter, perhaps 4.5 minutes would be perfect), you have a tea which will easily impress people who have only tasted low quality tea all their lives. Long aftertaste with tangy citrus feel on your tongue.

  3. A Pleasant Surprise

    Although this may not be the best of all the Nepalese tea I have sampled, it comes in only second to the hand-rolled first flush Jade Moon from xx (Tea Hong: sorry we have to edit out the shop name), which is almost 3 times more expensive! The aroma, depth and complexity are all there, maybe only a touch less floral. I am happy to save the money for trying out more varieties.

  4. Spicy, Bold. Direct

    Some teas are very subtle. Others are more bold. This is one of the latter types. The leaves have a spicy aroma that, like in the description conjure up memories of bergamot. The flavor is reminiscent of Breakfast style teas.

    Infused in a pot, it makes a good companion tea when you don’t mind something strong. I don’t recommend leaving the leaves in the vessel (gaiwan, pot or mug) for longer than required, however, as this can overbrew and become very strong.


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