Blue Shiiba, Nepali semi-oolong

Blue Shiiba, Nepali semi-oolong

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Kyushu wild tea reincarnates as an oolong in the Himalayas

Our Nepali farmer has taken a native wild tea plant from the island of Kyushu, Japan, to try propagating it in the Himalayas. The distinctly different terroir has not been kind to the small leaves so not every harvest gives you a satisfying result. The processing technique has been continuously evolving in the past decade to arrive at what we think is a wonderful manifestation of this unique tea cultivar. A batch as this on offer is rare. To us, it embraces the tea’s heritage as a wok roasted green tea, yet attaining a bouquet found only in fine Taiwan oolongs like that of Wenshan Paochong, while unmistakably carrying the complex tones and finishes afforded by the unique environment on this altitude on the roof of the Earth.

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Net weight: 50 g (1.8 oz) in Kraft-alu pillow

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जापानी जंगली चिया रूख शि इबा

Taste profile

Nose: Warm, yet floral and sweet aroma with distinct nectar overtone. Undertones of chestnuts. Bright accents with touches of sweet spices and a certain freshness that reminds of highland forrest after the rain. Hints of the Chinese roasted green tea Longjing. Palate: Velvety texture. Bright, refreshing, floral and umami at the same time — it is like a blend with a roasted green tea and a Taiwanese Paochong oolong.  Finish: Hui gan with a lingering cha qi. Refreshing.

Infusion tips

Begin experimenting with 1.5 g to 100 g water and infuse for 5 minutes at about 95 °C. Gradually increase to 2g to 100 if you think you prefer it stronger. May even go above 3g by adjusting the duration, but no less than 30 seconds. Always use a smaller, but thicker or denser vessel for nice tea.


Keep refrigerated until use. Always let the package return to room temperature before opening. Do not return to cold storage if the packet is to be consumed in a couple of weeks. Otherwise, tightly close the pack and store in the fridge again.

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Weight 180 g
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  1. I forgot to mention that I actually used 3 grams for my 150 taster mug, which made 2 gram per 100 cc water. Brewed for 5 minutes or more. I think people may like to try that too. To me it was much more delicious

  2. Amazing aromas of fruits and flowers that I have not experienced before. A delicious tea

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