Classic White Utility Gaiwan 150

Classic White Utility Gaiwan 150

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150 ml is an important capacity for infusion vessel, because this is one of the standard sizes specified by ISO for preparing tea for tasting. That is also why we think this classic bell shape white china gaiwan is so useful as a utility infusion ware. It is also a large enough size for serving up enough tea using the gongfu approach, yet small enough for most hand sizes to handle. Produced by a very small studio in Chaozhou ( the “capital” of gongfu tea ) using a half-mould, half-handmade process, the thinness at brim of the bowl is ideal for smooth liquid flow and heat management.

Choice of white porcelain and bone china.



Classic White Utility Gaiwan 150

  • Capacity: 150ml
  • Material: Options of Chaozhou Classic White Porcelain and Bone China
  • Color: White / Ivory white
  • Origin: Chaozhou, Guangdong, China
  • Packing: Recycled paper cushion in kraft carton
  • Content: 1 lid, 1 bowl, 1 saucer

The design and size of the gaiwan is identical in both the white porcelain or bone china.

Classic White 150 Utility Gaiwan with Lid Open

Notice the thickness and evenness of the brim of the bowl. Great for smooth pouring and heat dissipation for easy handling. Yet not so thin as to easily breakable. Almost hand-thrown beauty. Notice also the deep hollow of the lid button. Important not only for heat dissipation so it is cool enough to the touch, but also tall enough for different styles of finger position when handling the lid.

Classic White Utility Gaiwan Top View

Classic White 150 Utility Gaiwan Bottom Up to Show Shape Profile

Bottom of Saucer to show imperfections

Note: Because of its half-handmade nature and produced in a small workshop setting, and at such great value, there maybe some imperfection in the product, such as uneven coating of the overglaze, or a slight wave of the level of the brim of the saucer, etc, as represented in the photograph of the bottom of the saucer. However, each gaiwan that passes our quality control sits stably on flat surfaces and fits to its parts well for smooth handling and has a decent appearance. Most importantly they are the great infusion ware it is intended to be.

Utility Gaiwan: Classic White 150, view without saucer

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Weight 430 g
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  1. Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking

    I keep my Classic White Utility Gaiwan at work and use it every day. Today, I thought I’d lost her. The lid slipped from my hands and fell to the tile floor. It clinked and clattered but didn’t shatter. In fact, there is not a ding, crack or chip on it anywhere. I’ve heard that porcelain is very strong and this is proof. I rinsed off the lid and went about brewing another cup. Today I mixed my last bit of Snow Orchid with a little bit of Shiguping Wulong to stretch it. Maybe the lid jumped out of my hands in protest for this sacrilege. Nonetheless, I’ve been enjoying many pleasant cups out of my sturdy and useful gaiwan.

  2. Beautiful, firm and super value

    The real thing is actually even more beautiful than the photos. It is not only a joy to look at but also fits the hand very well. Unbelievable value.

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