Cold Dew Alishan 2021

Cold Dew Alishan 2021


Winter Chin-shin Oolong

In subtropical Taiwan, the intense humidity that creates the misty atmosphere of Alishan — the tallest mountain in the island nation — dissipates partially when the chill of late Autumn sets in. In October, the sky stays clearer for longer. Little leaves that spout during this time have amply stored up for the few drier months ahead. These are great conditions for oolong harvest and processing.

Presenting Cold Dew1 Alishan, masterfully rebaked from the premium Autumn harvest of Chin-shin tea trees. Oolongs made from this quintessential Taiwan wulong cultivar have a few times more teaghrelin2 than any others3, though we hope you buy it more for the great taste of this archetypical Taiwan premium oolong.

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­Net weight: 70 g (2.5 oz) in Kraft-alu pillow

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阿里山 寒露青心

Taste Profile

Accents of milk, fennel and rose hip flow in a warm overtone of roasted husk-in rice and oat. Tinkled with the brightness of herbal high notes that reminds of rosemary and fresh pine.

Silky texture.

Smooth body in the comforting tone of roasted spouting fresh wholegrain rice with husk ( guya ) accented with the lightest bright accents of herbs and hints of honey. Mouth-watering after sensation.

Infusion tips

Use near boiling water to obtain more of the aroma. Like all bead-rolled oolongs, blanching is needed. Use a higher leaf to water ratio and shorter infusion durations for better rendering of the taste profile. Repeat infusion on the same batch of leaves. Too good to be wasted.


  1. Cold Dew is the transliteration of the 17th Solar Term in the East Asian Lunisolar Calendar. If romanised from the Chinese origin, the term is Han Lu. It occurs roughly in the second week of October, and that is the time of the harvest of this tea
  2. Teaghrelin is a unique compound found only in certain oolong tea that triggers ghrelin functionalities. Ghrelin is a metabolism regulation hormone that is related to growth, recovery, and digestive tract functions. It is sometimes referred to as the hunger hormone.
  3. According to a report by the team that discovered teaghrelin — Teaghrelin, the Active Component Responsible for the Hunger Induction of Oolong Tea, SK Hsieh et al, Journal of Agriculture and Forestry, 63(2): 75-82 (2014)

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