Cream of Pu’er 2015, naturally formed shu cha tea nuggets

Cream of Pu’er 2015, naturally formed shu cha tea nuggets

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Spring Cha Tou:

During the many re-shufflings of the leaves in the post-fermentation process, some of the most tender leaf shoots with naturally higher percentage of pectin stick together, forming these small nuggets. Since they have the highest concentration of vitality substances but less bitter ones as the youngest of the leaves, ‘cha tou’ tastes smoother, sweeter and softer. Tea Hong’s top quality Cream of Puer is made only from prime spring harvests for even better taste and health compositions. A real treat for people who enjoy shu cha pu’er.

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Net weight: 150 g (5.3 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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勐海春毫 醇香茶頭 2015

Taste profile:

Soft, sweet earthy aroma with hints of dried fruits, cane sugar and Chinese liquorice. Transparent, dark rosewood colour infusion. Smooth, softly sweet body with light accents of American ginseng and Chinese liquorice on rolled oat undertone, carried by a silky soft texture. Lingering and long sweet and quenching aftertaste with light hints of the mentioned sweet roots.

Infusion tips:

Do blanch the nuggets well before infusion at 100°C. This helps to open up the leaves as well as removing residues of the post-fermentation processing for a cleaner taste profile. Longer infusion time with less leaves yields a smoother and sweeter body while the reverse gives a more intense first impression. If you are not familiar with the taste of Cha Tou, it is a good idea to start with a tealeaves to water ratio of 1g to 100ml and steep for at least 5 min. Adjust after you feel more confident of playing with this tea. Take note also that the nuggets have a higher mass density than other loose leaf teas.

Storage tips:

Some people think that all pu’er teas need a long maturity before it is the best. That actually is not the case for Tea Hong’s Cream of Puer. We have maintained a good storage and maturing practice before this tea is offered at consumer packs so the tea is ready for optimum enjoyment at any time. However, if you prefer, you may further mature it for even better sweetness and softness. Please do not follow common Mainland Chinese practice of storing this tea in the open or packing them in paper. Keep it in the original package and store as any other teas in a cool, dim environment away from moisture and other elements.

Note: Some teashops break stale pu’er discuses ( cakes ) into small pieces to sell as cha tou. Don’t be fooled.

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  1. Smooth and sweet

    Some other shu pu-erh may be smooth and sweet too, but this one also has richer taste than others I had before. My favourite pu-erh now it becomes.

  2. Velvet Nuggets

    This tea is black as night and smooth as velvet — not a bitter note to be found. It has a slightly earthy aroma as you’d expect from a puer, put only slightly. My only other experience with puer was a large 5-year-old tea cake (purchased elsewhere). Tea Hong’s s Cream of Puer are more subtle, though equally rich. I’ve had a gaiwan going all day with the same teaspoon of nuggets and it’s 7:00 p.m. now. It’s still turning out lovely dark, rich, velvety-smooth tea with virtually no steeping time. This tea has helped my concentration through a publishing deadline today, yet I am not jittery. This is no doubt cream of the crop tea.

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