Dragon Tips, Longding green tea

Dragon Tips, Longding green tea

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Kaihua Longding — a rare shoot leaf green tea

Some people like their green tea soft and sweet, others may prefer a good umami. Yet this leaf shoot tea is neither. Its bitterness is accented by its sharpness on a bold, full body. After Longjing, of all the other green teas from the Zhejiang region, my personal strongest preference goes to Kaihua Longding. To me it is an alternative to a shot of single malt in a heavy evening, or an afternoon kick of espresso. Its pleasant aftertaste is paralleled by neither.

Since encountering the true quality of this tea, I have always wanted to put it in my collection, only to be refrained from extraordinary high asking prices. Genuine ones are rare after all. It has been extremely fortunate, after 13 years, to have located our current farmer willing to sell at this affordable price so we can offer it here to you.

Tea Hong’s Dragon Tip is Kaihua Longding at its very best.

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Net weight: 70 g (2.5 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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明前極品 開化龍頂

Taste profile

Fresh bright aroma akin to the air after rain in a natural pine forrest, with accents of some unknown distinctive truffle and slight hint of lily. Brisk, full body with a unique fragrant bitterness carried in an overtone of millet. Long, cooling and quenching aftertaste with notes of Astragalus root.

Infusion tip

The true wonders of Kaihua Longding is revealed only through a longer infusion. That is because the shoot leaf is relatively compact and intact, unlike those varieties that are rolled or pressure pressed, where cell tissues are a lot more broken for easily releasing of the innate contents.

Adjust the leaf to water ratio to attain a liquor strength that you prefer, but do keep a minimum infusion time of 3 minutes. I often do this tea for at least 6 minutes.

When you are making a bigger pot, decrease the leaf amount and increase the time. On opting for this technique, expect a second round of infusion to be quite weak.

Personally, I prefer my Dragon Tip really sharp and enough bitterness. 90+°C infusion temperature will deliver that. If you prefer a softer taste, employ a lower temperature, such as 85°C. An alternative way to tone down the sharpness and bitterness, while achieving a full body, is with a Yixing teapot.

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