Free Cha Bing to Selected Customers

Free Cha Bing to Selected Customers

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Thank you for being there with us during the Pandemic

It has taken also a very long time for airmail deliveries of order to resume to many of the destinations. That includes USA and Australia. Thank you for your patience in waiting out this long, enduring unknown. To customers in some other countries, such as Japan, New Zealand and a few in EU, please know that we are hoping it to open again with you. Meanwhile, we are still actively seeking reasonable value couriers as an alternative option for everyone, for now and for the future.


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I have wanted to thank you for waiting out the inconvenience of this pandemic with us, but need to find a way to express it other than the monetary value of a coupon. We have kept an unprecedented storewide discount for an unprecedented length of time for that anyway.

It used to be this that carry tea through the great distance

Cha bing — aka tea cake — used to be the old form of how tea can be transported across great distance. Although we can now send tea easily by plane, this pandemic is a reminder how much work it can be to make tea available for far away lands.

I happen to have quite a quantity of this because of sampling and gifts. All decent quality, some spectacular. Some raw and maturing, some shu cha, and some white teas, and some even not for sale items. I have always wanted to share them.

One reserved for you, for free

For orders* that were placed prior to August but are still being held, we shall drop in an extra cha bing when they will be sent. Let us know if you do not want it.

For orders that have been sent, whether you have received it yet or not, we shall reserve one for you. A coupon** will be reserved at your account for you to activate when you place your next order. If you do not want to have it, simply ignore that coupon.

Limited availability

However, since we have only limited number of these ( haven’t count yet, I guess maybe 50+ ), it will be given on a first come first serve basis. If by the time you place your next order and the coupon is still valid, and when we are out of this lot of cha bing already, a pack of Delta class tea will be use as substitute.

In the event that you still really want one, don’t worry, we shall eventually carry similar, and very nice such products at good value. Maybe in the near future.

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