Huangshan Cuiyu, maofeng green tea

Huangshan Cuiyu, maofeng green tea

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Yuqian Huangshan Maofeng:

Huangshan Maofeng green tea is a must-have souvenir when one visits Huangshan. However, even if you know the way to real teashops rather than tourist traps, a pack of such quality as Tea Hong’s Cuiyu would come at a high price. That is why this pleasant tasting and slightly sweet baked green tea is a most popular item not only for our retail, but also export. To maintain consistent high quality, we employ only harvest before the lunar almanac demarkation of “guyu” — the first rain for seeding, around early to mid-April. “Yuqian” — before the rain — is the traditional term for this.

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Net weight: 35 g (1.2 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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Taste Profile

Soft, round, floral aroma with a warm undertone of steamed mung beans and accents of fragrant leaves. Smooth body. Mildly sweet infusion in light tones of malt and raw nuts. Accented with tints of leafy arrowhead and peach skin. Hints of woodsy bitterness in mildly cooling aftertaste.

Infusion tips

This is a light tasting, non-demanding green tea suitable for the large pot or big mug. Make it stronger for a perk in the morning or lighter for drinking throughout the day. Use 90~95°C water for a stronger tea or 80~85°C for a smoother one. Remember the leaves are very spread out so visually each gram looks like a lot more than the tighter leaves, say of a black tea. Use ample leaves for good taste, say 1g per 100 ml of water, and can go up to 2.5 g.

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  1. lively taste

    I did not notice this tea until last week so I ordered it for this seemed a better value alternative than the “spring equinox” version. I got it today and have been drinking it whole day. Not tired of it at all! Surprising good and refreshing and lively taste for the price. Good companion when you have to sit at the desk all day for piles of numbers to go through like me 🙁

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