April Mist, traditional green tea

April Mist, traditional green tea

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Wild Bush Yunwu:

For those who prefer a little more strength in their green tea, April Mist is a pleasant choice. Harvested from scattered wild tea bushes in late March or early April, depending on the conditions that year and pre Qing Ming nevertheless, in the misty days of the mountainous region for a deeper taste. Lightly roasted for a balance of warmth, aroma and refreshing brightness, this Yunwu (translate: cloud and mist) makes a distinct difference from its counterparts that may look similar.

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Net weight: 80 g (2.8 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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明前 九龍雲霧

There maybe other products that look like this, the difference really is in the taste.

Taste profile

Fresh, yet warm, nutty aroma with sweet maltase undertone and floral accents. Bright, clean, refreshing infusion. Smooth and round with tiny bites of bitter sharpness. Sweet, lingering aftertaste.

Infusion tips

Use higher temperature (eg 90°C), shorter infusion time for a higher aroma and sharper taste, lower (eg 75°C) and slightly more leaves for a tastier liquor.

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  1. I appreciate the depth and clarity of this Yunwu, it is most certainly a mature & sophisticated representation of a popular cultivar. This one is pungent & complex, with some nuances that set it apart from other examples of Yunwu that I’ve tried in the past.

    The dry leaf aroma is strong and clear, with subtle traces of dark chocolate, perhaps a testament to the wild nature of these tea bushes. As the steam from my hot mug warms up the leaves, I get some hints of malted grains that begin to waft up from the cup.

    Regardless of how you brew it up, the soup is quite complex, with a full and round body that has well-developed notes of cucumber, squash, snow peas, and steamed spinach. There are some of the typical nutty undertones associated with Yunwu, and I also get some hints of cacao nibs. There are distinct overtones of fresh-cut florals, and a lingering sweetness that is pervasive from the initial sip through the aftertaste. This sweetness sits firmly in the back of the throat, creating a very soothing and pleasant sensation that lasts for a while.

    This is a very clean and refreshing tea, all the way through. Upfront, it’s powerful and will definitely grab your attention, and on the back-end, it’s very gentle and soft in its nature. It even resists turning bitter in the cup as the soup cools, which makes for an interesting session if you want to take your time sipping on this tea slowly and appreciating the subtle changes as the temperature drops gradually.

  2. Excellent fresh “clouds and mist” green tea

    Tianshan April Mist (“Wild Bush Yunwu”): This is a green tea of the yunwu (“clouds and mist”) type. The pictures show a tea with vividly deep green leaves, twisted into small curls. Since it is a yunwu type and the description uses words like strong, bright, and sharp, it grabbed my attention immediately. Leo says that this tea is, “for those who prefer strength in their green tea rather than soft, rounder tastes.” That sounds like me, so this was the tea that I anticipated the most. I was surprised when I opened the container – the smell is very fresh and pungent, but not in a bad way. In fact, the dry leaves have a stronger smell than any other green teas I have had. The infusion is a lively light green, and gives a brisk but full-bodied, fresh, and flavorful taste. It really brings those bright “green tea” qualities to the foreground. I am really fascinated by this tea, which has such an unassuming appearance. Since trying this tea for the first time, it has become my “go to” green tea. As a bonus, its status as a “clouds and mist” green tea makes me feel like I’m drinking tea with Taoist hermits deep in the mountains. 😉

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