Hong Yu Deep White 2020

Hong Yu Deep White 2020


White tea with a twist

The very same cultivar which leaves that make the black tea, Fragrance of Taiwan — Red Jade — is employed to make this unique white tea. Where the black tea has an upfront distinctive character which tea novices may need time to grow into, the white tea version is a lot friendlier for understanding this wonderful camellia formosenisis species with.

Hong Yu Deep White has the light and easy first impression like other white teas, but that will grow in your palate to the roundness of an aged black tea and the floral character of an oolong. An unmistakable gastronomical signature uniquely its own seamlessly holds all elements together as a continuum of olfactory-palatial sensation experience.

Delta class Infusion colour: Gold TCM Neutral-cool icon Tea Master's Choice icon Great value!

Net weight: 40 g (1.3 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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    Dongfang Meiren:

    To experience why this unique Taiwan white tip oolong was nicknamed Oriental Beauty by Queen Elizabeth II, you have to taste the real thing. It is perhaps the most demanding tea to process well. Harvested only once a year in summer and after the young leaves are bitten by a kind of tiny leafhopper, genuine Dongfang Meiren can attain its special taste profile only after following the oolong processing routine modified especially for this tea. Tea Hong’s Phong-hong tè — the original name of Oriental Beauty — is a prime selection from the origin in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

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    Deep in the mountains away from the tourist infested Sun Moon Lake, small tea bushes tidily populate small patches of rectangles between wild forrest and various orchards. A cross between Burma and a native wild tea, this Hong Yu cultivar, born right here in 1999, shines with a vibrant young green. It dominates the ambience with a smell that is both fresh and spicy. Farmers here still process black tea in small batches in the old fashioned way, though with the aid of a few new technologies for monitoring. Red Jade — the Fragrance of Taiwan — has to be so processed to that distinctive floral yet spicy aroma, minty and complex taste on a smooth body to be worthy of name. Taichi classInfusion colour: wolfberryTCM: Neutral-warm EnergyTea Master's Choice Net weight: 50 g (1.8 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
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    From the Stream of Cypress Woods

    To most people, teas from Taiwan are synonymous with high mountain oolongs. Officially, these are the four top subregions for the tea: Alishan, Shan Lin Xi, Li Shan, and Yu Shan. We already carry quite a few Alishan’s, to find one from the others, we have been relentlessly searching. It has to be one comparable to those from Alishan but individualistic enough. Shan Lin Xi — literally Stream of Cypress Woods — is an area deep in a national reserve in the mountainous central area of the island country. Two hour driving from the station in the small city of Chia Yi, you will have climbed 1000m on the curvy roads deep in the sparse village areas with dense tall trees and quite many degrees lower than down there. Tea patches are hidden here and there amongst forests, occasional clusters of bamboos and a great diversity of wild plants. The same Chin Hsin Gan Chi cultivar grown here yields leaves that seem to have acquired a different character, a somehow lighter yet more complex, more stimulating tinkle. Previously when I was still operating a teahouse, some customers came to do Zen with tea as the medium. I guess this Shan Lin Xi Oolong can be one for it too.
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    Net weight: 70 g (2.5 oz) in Kraft-alu pillow pack
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    Over a century of development since transplanting to Taiwan, tieguanyin produced in the emerald island is quite different from its cousin in Mainland China. Not only has the cultivar evolved differently, but also the more authentic technique with which it is produced. Tea Hong’s Alishan Guanyin has a fuller and smoother taste profile. Its distinction is possible through the finesse in its slow baking. Master Chen, who bakes also our Cold Peak, has elevated the processing into an art of leaves and fire.  

    Taichi classMaple syrupTCM: Neutral EnergyTea Master's Choice Net weight: 70 g (2.5 oz) in Kraft-alu pillow
Leaves on the Hong Yu tea plant

The tea cultivar for producing Hong Yu Deep White is a unique looking one that reflects the wild nature of its ancestry

臺灣本土育種 深造青白茶紅玉

Taste profile

Accents of rosemary, cilantro and mint on a fresh overtone of ripening greenhouse fruit vegetables. Undertone of camphor. Silky texture. Lightly malty liquor that is light and lively in the beginning that gradually grows in the palate. Umami is followed by spices of peppery overtone with hints of camphor and mint. Long umami aftertaste accented with rosemary.

Infusion tips

Leave the heavy duty of making a large pot of tea to other teas. Not that this tea does not do well when infused to a large quantity of liquid, but that it will reveal its best when prepared well in smaller quantity, such as in a 150ml tasting standard vessel. It can be either shorter infusion duration like 7g to 150ml for 45 sec, or 2.5g for 5 min. Higher temperature, such as 95°C for more aroma, spiciness and a stronger backbone, or lower, such as 85°C for a softer taste. Or anywhere in between. As an old tea addict, I myself habitually add a touch more leaves and time to make it denser. I am spoiled. Other connoisseurs, however, always prefer a harmonious approach using shorter time, and/or less leaves. Albeit tied to the physical nature of things, infusion is an art after all.

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