Huo Shan Yellow Tips

Huo Shan Yellow Tips


Renaissance of a millennium old tribunal yellow tea

For the same refreshing, cleansing sensation as the finest Huangshan Maofeng, ample green tea’s health constituents, yet with the absence of astringency, a yellow tea like Huo Shan Huang Ya ( i.e. Yellow Tips ) is a best choice. This superb first flush selection is produced almost like a Maofeng green tea but lightly oxidised by covering the tea when it is still very warm during processing. The heat converted some of the leaf constituents into simpler sugars. This particular step gives a softer, sweeter and much easier taste but as delightfully quenching and more body. The concept of this technique has been millennium old, yet it is only in recent years that really fine tasting products become available and accessible. Distinctive as Tea Hong’s Huo Shan Yellow Tips is still rare.

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Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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    Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack
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明前正品 霍山黃芽

Taste profile

Floral, refreshingly soft, yet persistently sweet aroma. Light note of chestnut on an overtone of moss and nectar. Mild yet full body delivered with silky tactility. Cleansing and lively sensation accented with a light bitterness and the warmth of steamed bean and fresh biscuit. Quenching, slightly sweet aftertaste that lingers with a lightening effect.

Infusion tip

Begin by using a 1 g per 100 ml water at 85°C for at least 5 minutes. Adjust leaf amount reversely with duration and proportionally according to a strength you desire. Use a hotter water for more bite. Longer duration for more umami. A malleable tea for different taste preferences.

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