Keemun FOP, black tea

Keemun FOP, black tea

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Qimen Flowery Orange Pekoe:

Most teas in our collections are “artisan” teas made with intense craftsmanship, but we want also to offer choices that are price competitive yet still in respectable quality. Introducing Keemun FOP, produced by a Chinese government recognised national showcase factory for classic Keemun standards. Everything at top quality level of the “Keemun” name, as known in the mass market. Great for breakfast, afternoon tea or your carrot cake party, with milk or not, like a good old fashioned flowery orange pekoe should be.

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Net weight: 110 g (3.9 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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Taste profile

Fresh, sweet aroma with floral notes and hints of plums and prune. Light undertone of smokiness. Lively sweet infusion with a distinctive orange* peel accent and notes also of plums and prune. Refreshing, fruity sweet aftertaste.

Infusion tips

This is a good tea to enjoy plain. Keep infusion time relatively shorter, between 1 to 6 minutes, for its optimum taste. Use an infuser or an infuser bag for easily separating the tealeaves from the tea liquor, and for easier cleaning. Do not blanch the leaves prior to infusion, but preheat the infusion vessel well. Use a higher tealeaves to water ratio for a fuller body if you need it strong for adding sugar or milk.

*Orange Pekoe is the name of a grading system and there has been no evidence linking between that name and this taste character. As to why the word orange is in the name, there are a few theories. The most convincing one is that it is attributed to the House of Orange-Nassau, the ruling family of the Netherlands/Belgium when the country was the most important tea trader in Europe.

*奧倫葉白毫是西方茶葉等級系統的名稱。花香奧倫葉白毫是其中一個等級。我們翻譯這名字時決定跟從它眾多來源理論中比較可信的一個,就是它是因著十九世紀時荷蘭的統治家族奧倫葉定名的。當時荷蘭是茶葉貿易大國。Orange 於荷蘭文中為 Orangje, 類似拉丁文讀法,所以譯為奧倫葉。

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