King Silver, matured traditional white tea

King Silver, matured traditional white tea

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Baihao Yinzhen at its best

If you like Silver Needle for its health benefits, but wish for more taste, King Silver is perhaps the choice. There are a few reasons why this pure leaf shoot white tea has better epicurean appeal: 

  1. Traditional processing — it takes more time, more mastery
  2. Mastery in maturing — not most people in the tea trade know how to mature a white tea like we do
  3. Special cultivar — we have employed a special cultivar that combines the complexity of a Yunnan Daye and the sweetness of Fuding Dabai to have it grown in Zhenghe, the mecca for old style white tea
  4. Top quality pluck — only top quality first flush from our specially appointed garden, no blending. Not only does that give a uniform, pleasing visual appeal, but also the fantastic taste that is possible only with such care and dedication.
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Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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2010 頭採 古法銀針王

Taste profile

Earthy, herbal nose in overtone of the sweetness of hay and notes of Chinese nan-xing almond. Interplayed with accents of liquorice, matured mandarin orange peel, fresh moss and a slight hint of cacao. Softly smooth body that is slightly sweet and cooled with a lightest accent of mint and mellowed citrus peel. Quenching, sweet and lightly malty aftertaste.

Infusion tips

Use boiling water and 25 ~ 30% more leaves for a full taste profile of this rare and matured white tea. As always with Fujian white teas, blanch well before infusion.

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Weight 120 g
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