Lao Ban Zhang 2016, aged Pu’er shengcha

Lao Ban Zhang 2016, aged Pu’er shengcha

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Renowned origin harvest by a small producer

Lao Ban Zhang is one of the, if not the most sought after origin for premium pu’er. Rather like pursuing a rare wine, people don’t expect a sweet or easy palatial experience but one with character and strength. The tea is known for its long lasting linger. Some refer to it as “cha qi”.

A really good one from the “old estate” costs a crazy fortune nowadays. Yet one from a good fringe area by a small workshop can be a lot more accessible. Let us know how you like this compared with other pu’ers.

Connoisseur classInfusion colour: GoldTCM Cool EnergyGreat value!

Net weight per discus: 357 g (12.6 oz)

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2016 老班章 頭春青餅

Taste profile

Clean, refreshing and smooth aroma with a sweet, floral overtone. Distinct accent of raisin. Undertone of camphor and American ginseng. Crisp, malty body. Light sweetness counterbalanced with tints of astringency and the bitterness of the root Mongolian milkvetch ( aka huang qi, a herbal tonic ). Cooling aftertaste. Good hui gan.

Infusion tips

Please visit this article for infusion guide: How to brew a cha bing

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 18 × 9 × 5 cm
Tea category:




TCM character:

Infusion color:

Pack size option

Single cha bing, 7 cha bings in original bamboo wrap



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