Li Bin: Outburst of Melodies

Li Bin: Outburst of Melodies

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Artist: Li Bin, National Senior Master Industrial Artist
Pot style: Squashed Belly (Bian Fu)
Material: Original mine zhu-ni blended with duan sha
Capacity: 210 ml
Creation year: 2018

李斌 國家高級工藝美術師

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Yixing teapot artist, Li Bin

Li Bin

Recognised by the authority as an artist (a recognition above industrial artist), Li Bin is a graduate of the prestigious Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University in Beijing. His works have won for him numerous national and regional awards, and have been widely collected. Li takes traditional Yixing teapot form styles up another level not by reinventing new forms, but making the old forms slicker, even more useable, and befitting contemporary infusion styles. His designs are bold, precise and visually memorable.

About “Outburst of Melodies” (Xishan Taofa)

Ancient painting showing a man playing a gu qin, a traditional Chinese string music instrument.

Man playing a gu qin. Seven Virtuous Figures (partial closeup), Liu Zhong Xian, Ming Dynasty. Collection at the National Palace Museum, Taipei.

The line “xishan taofa” 溪山濤發 makes reference to a Ming dynasty publication on gu qin (a traditional string music instrument) by Xu Shang Ying 徐上瀛, xishan qin kuang 溪山琴況. It is considered a most important piece of literature in Chinese music history. Li Bin quotes the first phrase, xishan, which literally means a mountain with a stream, and pairs it with taofa, which literally means the outburst of waves, to give a complex connotation to the teapot that is to be used to bring out the taste of a tea.

The engraving on the teapot employs a bold, semi-cursive script 北魏風行草 that is not only sharply incised onto the surface of the pot, but also leaving the unmistakable and precise knife marks. Yet the whole pot maintains a quiet, harmonious outlook. This accurate balance in itself is most commendable.

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