Lily Eccentric, Wuyi yancha oolong

Lily Eccentric, Wuyi yancha oolong

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Wuyi Qi Lan Premium

Originated in the south, Qi Lan cultivars attain new characters growing in the more rugged landscape of Wuyi. Since late last century, traders have taken advantage of its distinctive and pleasing aroma to mislabel it as the much demanded, but hugely misrepresented Red Cloak, Iron Buddha, or other famous Wuyi oolongs. Some blend it in other varieties for the same disguise purpose. Tea Hong’s Qi Lan is a premium single batch production that is optimally fermented and baked to allow the full, glorious taste profile of the tea. Some say if one has not experienced Qi Lan, one will never know what Wuyi teas really are. We’d say this eccentric lily has its unique place in the great family of oolongs.

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Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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武夷山 正岩奇蘭

Taste profile

Tones of lily blossoms, nectarine, and spices mingle to one smooth aroma on a creamy undertone, accented with touches of nectar in a warm, woodsy sensation. Velvety texture. Deep, dry body with slight bites of cinnamon and other wood spices. Light tingle of orange peel holds together the floral, spicy and buttery characters. Mouth watering after taste. Sweetness at the throat comes much later.

Infusion tip

Unlike most other Wuyi oolongs, Lily Eccentric is relatively easy to infuse. It is also more tolerant of longer infusion. As a matter of fact, steeping it longer will render a more intense and impressive taste profile. Our preference is to use a normal leaf to water ratio but brew for 15% more time. Veteran drinkers may want an even higher leaf to water ratio and even more time. Minimum water temperature 95°C if you want more of the aroma.

A little note about the translation of Qi Lan as Lily Eccentric

There are many different translations of the original name that romanises as Qi Lan. We have picked “eccentric” for the word “qi”, but one can argue that “fantastic”, “unique”, “amazing” etc are equally suitable. 

However, those who understand the traditional literary context of the making of such and other poetic names may appreciate that the long tradition of the use of the word qi in referring to something or someone that is admirably different from others. 

In the long history of Old China, eccentricity has been a virtue especially in dark times, when power and money corrupt to the core of the soul of a society. When all that we build our believes on are dying, such as now, a little eccentricity — a bit of holding on to the old virtues and not falling with the flock — helps to keep us sane.

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  1. Usually Qi Lan either too little fire or too much fire. This one is just right and very good smell. Excellent Wuyishan taste and after taste. Good for Zen tea for one person drinking. Also good for me and my family for breakfast tea.

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