Lincang Centenarians, traditional black tea

Lincang Centenarians, traditional black tea

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Deep in the mountains in Lincang, native tree type tea plants have prospered for millenniums. There are so many huge tea trees that people say this is where tea itself originated. From these old tea forests we have reserved some finest first flushes for producing our special quality Dianhong. For drinkers who feel Yunnan Golden is too easy tasting, and Dianhong Classic too smooth, Lincang Centenarians has a complexity that is possible only from leaves slowly grown on old trees and which roots reach deep enough for the richest of minerals in the mountain soils. Same luscious taste profile as the finest classic Dianhong, yet tinkling with more notes.

Delta classinfusion color: wolfberryTCM character: neutral warmTea Master's choiceGreat value!

Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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臨滄古木 金針紅茶

Taste profile

Savour the rich dark chocolate aroma as hot water hits the tealeaves. This smell of fermented cocoa is joined by a flowery impression with notes of nectarine and a touch of cinnamon in a smoky overtone. Rich, deep, and clear orange liquor with bright yellow brim. Lively body tinkling with citrus and mineral notes carried by a silky texture. Light accents of matured juhong over a rolled oat undertone. Malty sweet aftertaste that comes very slowly yet steadily.

Infusion tips

Gongfu approach yields quite a different taste profile from the conventional one. So does infusion temperature as well as infusion strength. Citrus level increases as the temperature nears boiling when infusing for longer time. Less leaves with longer time gives sweeter liquor. Do experiment with this tea and see which suits your preference better.

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  1. A good dianhong

    This tea had a great complexity with a sweet tannic aftertaste in the throat and lower mouth. Really nice with the suddle citrus, and it carries itself well because it is not to weak. I feel like the more golden tips may give aroma but this tea has a nice balance between the two. Definitely a lot more complex and interesting than other more floral dianhongs I’ve tried.

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