Longjing Spring Equinox 2021

Longjing Spring Equinox 2021

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Hangzhou Original:

To acquire really fine Long-jing in rapidly changing China, we had to search away from tourists infested localities, and yet still faithful to the origin of Hangzhou. In Wu’s farm where the underground water is crisp and the air sweet, our Long-jing master realizes the environment is more important than the convenience; there would be no quality without the traditional respect for Nature. Tea Hong’s Long-jing Spring Equinox might well be used by nobles and mandarins in their tea competition when Emperor Qianlong was still young and flamboyant, and crazy about the tea.

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Net weight: 60 g (2.1 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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正品、 明前、杭州龍井

Taste profile

Warm, buttery aroma on an undertone of lightly toasted fresh cereal and peas, accented with sea salt and light woody spice. Distinct, but pleasantly gentle floral aroma of blooming orchard with an undertone of caramel. Lively body with a good weight and silky to velvety tactility, dependent on your water quality and infusion strength. Malty savoriness in very good length with light bites of salt, chocolate and cinnamon, changing to sweet and refreshing.

The characteristic bite of this selection is part of the traditional quality of genuine Hangzhou Longjing. It is what some connoisseurs are after. We employ an indigenous traditional cultivar for the production in order for this result. There are selections that are much softer but also from the Hangzhou region. They use cultivars developed only a couple of decades ago, such as Longjing 43. If you prefer this softer taste, please try our Longjing First Flush or Longjing Pure.

Infusion tips

To experience its full tantalizing taste profile, steep the leaves in a well pre-heated high density Yixing pot between 160 ~200 ml at 75~80°C at 3 g of leaves to 200 ml of water for 5 minutes. Increase to 2g to 100ml ratio when you prefer a stronger taste.

The best way to actualize the taste profile of this tea is with the use of water from a good but low mineral mountain spring. If a fine yixing pot is unavailable, a well formed porcelain gaiwan or even the taster mug gives satifying results.

This tea can also be infused very lightly too, like most other people do, at 0.5g ~ 1g to each 100ml water for 30 seconds or various duration according to personal preference. Use higher temperature water in this case, such as 90°C.

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  1. Excellent

    When infused under the suggested contidions, the results were excellent until the last batch. Satisfying results were also observed when the variables of the extraction process were reasonably modified. Thank you.

  2. New tea

    Hello Mrs Ngo, normally we inspect our pre-Qingming green teas around early to mid April but need quality assurance processes for another two weeks. So likely to be late April the earliest. Will send mass newsletter to all registered customers when available.

  3. When will this tea arrive this year

    Hello, I have finished all my better dragon well now. When do you think your new tea will arrive this year

  4. Very good tea

    Just tried this tea, miles better than what I’ve bought from other websites.

    I live in England ordered on the 30th Oct (wed) received on the 4th Nov (mon) so very fast shipping (pricey but if it gets here fast and undamaged that is great)

  5. Good to compare

    I agree with u Manila Tran! It is very interesting to compare the two longjings! I also prepared it using a Yixing pot. Wonderful new understanding of an old tea!

  6. 難得的好發現

    很明顯 Tea Hong 的龍井並非採用新品種龍井43茶樹生產的,而是用現時較少見的傳統龍井茶樹,因為它的茶味較龍井43層次更多,更為鮮爽。使我驚喜的是大部份以傳統茶樹生產的龍井口味較為苦澀,但這 Tea Hong 的龍井卻並非如此,真是一難得的好發現。

  7. This deserves Tea Master’s Choice

    I have purchased both this and Longjing First Flush to compare taste. I did it once by myself and once with my customers (yes, I do have a few now!) and we all agree that this is smoother and richer than LJFF. The latter is sharper in taste and maybe liked by some. I also did it once using a yixing teapot, as Leo recommends in this article: http://teaguardian.com/tea-selection-guide/green-tea-longjing.html, and we unanimously agree this is the most flavorful Longjing we have had so far!

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