Meishan Paochong

Meishan Paochong

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Winter 2017 Batch

Originally labelled as “Floral Aroma Tea”, Paochong is nowadays produced in many parts of Taiwan and China. However, not all to the subtle, sweet and smooth quality that the original is meant to be. We have combed different regions to find one that is almost comparable to prize winning ones at the origin but at less than one-third the price. Meishan is a region in itself that has all fine oolong production conditions as the origin Wenshan, only not as famous. This tea is for those who appreciate the genuine taste of Paochong but prefer to put off the budget for the subtle finesse of the first prize tea till later.

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Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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Taste profile

Soft, floral, buttery aroma with light accents of cinnamon and fresh bread. Smooth, velvety texture. Gently sweet liquor with extremely light citrus afterbite. Slowly come sweet aftertaste. One of the most easy tasting teas.

Infusion tip:

Use near boiling water. Any infusion style. Great for both gongfu tea beginners or as a tea in the mug. While you can prepare this tea as any other teas, do try using a bit more leaves for a more velvety, substantial liquor. This tea is quite unique in holding up to long infusion.

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