Meizhan Classic, Wuyi yancha oolong

Meizhan Classic, Wuyi yancha oolong

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Wuyi’s Secret Ingredient

Like Rou Gui and Shuixian, Meizhan has long been a major production cultivar in Wuyi. It has never attained that level of prestige like the other two though. Perhaps because traders want to hide a big secret. It is a major ingredient to blend with other varieties to produce what flood the high end market with labels of Red Cloak, Tieluohan, Shuijin Gui or such fancy traditional rare teas. We think it deserves a place of its own. Introducing Tea Hong’s Wuyi Meijian. Enjoy its sweet floral aroma uniquely finished with a just right Wuyi style firing. A great tea for all occasions. No fancy names, just pure quality at great value.

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Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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Taste profile

In tea, umami taste does not happen only in finer green teas. This Wuyi oolong is an example, although not to that same level of savour as a fine Longjing. It wins, however, with a delightful floral note on top of a sweet, woody aroma deepens with honey cured liquorice root and the earthy scents of the forrest after rain.

Clean, sweet and smooth body with a unique earthy herbal character and cleansing sensation. Consistent accents hinting wolfberry, cinnamon and light tint of peppercorn. Distinctive umami sweetness when infused at fuller strength. Sweet lingering aftertaste in a cleansing, leafy, herbal overtone with hints of liquorice and fennel seeds.

Infusion tips

The delightful, cleansing character of Tea Hong’s Meizhan Classic comes alive only when properly blanched and infused. Blanch with near boiling water but infuse at 95°C top. Use longer infusion time when you want it to taste more umami but less clean and soft. Use more leaves and shorter infusion time for a balance.

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  1. My First Wuyi and What a Ride!

    Travel a scenic road and you never know what beauty awaits around the next bend. The same can be said of Meizhan Classic. It is full of surprises at every twist and turn. First, the dark and gnarly leaf sticks make music as they chime into the gaiwan. Water on the hotter side of Tea Hong’s suggested temperature range yielded a bouquet of violets growing on a wet forest floor.

    The fawn-colored liquor in a cha hai offered a second aroma: the promise of a ripe melon before it is cut. Tasting the tea gave yet another impression of chocolate mocha and clear quartz with linen-crisp notes that stayed at the juncture of the nose and throat – is it a smell or a taste or both?

    Subsequent infusions with slowly cooling water made Meizhan Classic a pure study in texture. Along with the faintest impression of field clover, this Wuyi delivered a joyride of round, buttery, creamy, silky indulgence. The journey ended with the pleasant appearance of the infused leaves, which unfurled into full, unbroken foliage accented with tinges of dark purple.

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