Min Ya Ping: Da Hong Pao

Min Ya Ping: Da Hong Pao

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Artist: Min Ya Ping
Pot style: Fang Gu ( In the Form of Ancient Drum )/ Duo Qiu
Material: Da Hong Pao Yixing Clay
Capacity: 300 ml
No certificate

仿鼓 / 掇球
底款:閔雅萍製 /原礦大紅袍


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Min Ya Ping: Da Hong Pao

Da Hong Pao Yixing teapot by Min Ya Ping

The Yixing clay Da Hong Pao may look similar to Zhu-ni but it has higher iron contents and can be seasoned to a deep and intense red unlike any other Yixing clay. Hence the name Da Hong Pao ( the same name as the famous  Wuyi oolong — Red Cloak ). The particle is also one of the finest, giving its characteristic smooth surface. Because of very high shrinkage rate after firing, this is a more difficult material to work with.

Both of these Da Hong Pao pots render an ideal surface area to volume ratio and well-manner for speed for medium-short to full duration infusion. The two specimens are slightly different: the Duo Qiu has no leg but a taller dome lid, and a marginally more dome shape lid; Feng Gu has leg and not so protuberant dome lid.

Packing: Tea towel pull bag in collector’s case

Collector box for Yea Hong's Yixing Teapots

All Yixing teapots at Tea Hong are delivered with a pull-string towel sack in a collector box with cushions inside.


Unless otherwise stated, all Yixing teapots are new from the kiln. Please properly clean and prepare them before making tea in them. There is a proper procedure to do that. It is described at:
Yixing Teapots, An Introduction | Tea Guardian

We try our best to represent the colours of all tea accessories, including Yixing teapots in the product photographs. However, there are many factors that we cannot control, including those that affect how the photos are rendered in your computer or mobile device. There maybe interpreted discrepancies between the colour as seen on this site and that of the product you receive.

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Weight 800 g
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