Mini Peony, matured white tea

Mini Peony, matured white tea

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Organic Golden White Tea

All classic tastes today had once been novel. In the category of white tea, there is much room for developing a fuller spectrum of fine tastes. Mini Peony is Tea Hong’s answer for a different tasting alternative to the classic White Peonies. Processed from a new cultivar, and grown organically in the scenic mountains in Huangshan, this smaller size version of white peony has all the goodness of genuine white tea, but delivered in the compact, less hairy orchid shape whole leaves. The gold infusion is characterised with its own distinct sweet milky notes as a fine selection in its own rights.

Connoisseur's classInfusion colorTCM ColdUSDA Organic CertifiedEU Organic Certified
Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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Taste profile

Aroma with creamy, slight sweetness in a milky overtone. Hints of water chestnuts. Clear, canary yellow infusion. Bright, yet sweet and supple infusion which briskness is accented with the light bitterness of raw almond and pear peel. Tints of herbs over an light vegetal undertone. Refreshing, lightly bittersweet aftertaste.

Infusion tips

Preheat vessel to 90°C and infuse at slightly lower than the preheat temperature. Use less leaves and longer infusion time for sweeter, more supple body. Begin with a proportion of 1 to 100 for 7 min. Alternatively, fill vessel with water at very slightly over 90°C and drop the leaves over the water very gradually. This way, no preheating is needed.

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 18 × 9 × 5 cm
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  1. I bought two kinds of white tea this time. White Shiiba and this Mini Peony. Although this tastes refreshing and nice, White Shiiba is really stunning. That is why I am giving this only 4 stars.

  2. Aroma-evoked memories

    As a child, my summer mornings were often spent in an open field, examining nature’s tiniest details. Mini Peony takes me back there with its tourmaline-yellow liquor and light, fresh aroma of purple clover, daisy and Queen Anne’s Lace. There’s also an herbal scent reminiscent of the sticky milkweed pods I would pull apart to examine. The infused leaves of this tea are a pleasant tangle resembling pea tendrils. Compared to the other white teas I’ve tried, Mini Peony is brighter and softer in taste with a surprisingly round, smooth and substantial texture. If only I could lift the lid off my gaiwan to hear birdsong and buzzing cicadas, my childhood flashback would be complete.

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