Black Leaf Special, Phoenix dancong oolong

Black Leaf Special, Phoenix dancong oolong

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Fenghuang Da Wuye:

If classic Phoenix oolongs are too sweet, and bouquet ones too florally aromatic for you, Tea Hong’s Black Leaf Special maybe your cup of tea. It is produced from a new cultivar developed for maltiness and complexity in taste. A very different oolong from the rest. Our special selection is harvested from higher altitudes near the oolong mecca that is Wudong.

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Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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鳳凰單樅 上品大烏葉

Taste profile

Lightly sweet floral aroma with a warm, creamy tone. Bright, malty body with a suggestion of apple juice. Elegantly complex accents of fresh herbs and bites of citrus peel bitterness. Long, sweet aftertaste.

Infusion tips

Great for conventional approach, but even better in the specialist gongfu approach using a gaiwan. 90°C for a softer body, +3~5° for more aroma and some sharpness. Use slightly less leaf if using conventional approach to understand the tea to later adjust according to personal preference.

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Weight 140 g
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  1. This is very good Da Wu Ye, with a complex mouthfeel and great evolution of flavors across the full session. Whether you brew this up gongfu or Western-style, you can expect a delicious experience all-around.

    I was a bit surprised by this one because of how much it changes over the course of a focused gongfu session. To me, Tea Hong’s Black Leaf Special opens up with some sweet florals and juicy fruity notes, somewhere in the realm of apple blossoms and caramelized peaches or sun-dried figs dusted with cacao powder. Within a couple of steeps, these notes melt away and reveal a body that consists of honey-soaked malt and fresh-pressed apple juice.

    Towards the end of the session, the apple juice flavor becomes significantly thicker, and the malty texture picks up some rye-like notes which carries with it a kind of spice that is reminiscent of cloves or cinnamon.

    The mouthfeel is incredibly smooth, and although the flavor profile seems a bit thin in comparison, that’s okay because the texture is fantastic and the aftertaste lingers on the palate for a long time. It’s subtle-yet-overt at the same time. Really beautiful dynamic and a great balancing act between flavors and sensations.

    Although this one is easy to brew up and easy to enjoy, you should still take your time with it because this is a very good representation of the Da Wu Ye cultivar, one that can show you the full spectrum of flavors possible to achieve when high-quality material meets high-quality processing techniques.

    I particularly enjoy brewing this one up Western-style, with a leaf to water ratio of 1g to 100mL – a long steep, with hot water, and using a vessel with excellent heat retention, really opens up the depth of flavors that Black Leaf Special has to offer and affords a kind of creaminess that becomes more apparent. Although this creaminess is felt in a gong-fu session, it’s thinner and more spread out across each steeping, whereas when done Western-style, it concentrates in the soup and makes for a beautiful and easy-going experience.

  2. Wonderful Aroma

    I received “Black Leaf Special” as a sample, I thought should be this one. Infused it using gongfu parameters and I got a cup of wonderful aromatic tea. It resembled the green Tieguanyin (maybe because they are both green oolongs), but richer complexity with more pronounced honeylike sweetness and fruity fragrance. It is rather light in the mouth but leaves an immediate tangy fresh aftertaste. And based on the feel in my stomach, it really has a rather cool TCM properties. A very wonderful tea especially for the complex aroma.

  3. very good

    Flavor is smooth at first followed by a crispness after swallowing that leaves a freshness in my mouth. This tea is very enjoyable.

  4. Pleasant Tea

    Dry leaf has chocolate, minty aroma. Flavor is smooth with hints of dried fruit as well as in the aroma. Not particularly sweet. A bit on the thin side as far as the body goes, but is pleasant with good huigan and a wet mouthfeel. A gaiwan proved beneficial in bringing out more of the fruit. An easy drinker.

  5. Gripping aroma

    What a wonderful aroma comes out from this tea leaves after the first infusion: subtly cream undertone with a marvelous sun dried peach, tangerines and flowers. I have enjoyed them as much as their infusion. Really extraordinary. Highly recommended for those who likes dried (non fruity taste) tea.

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