Cassia Extraordinaire, Wuyi yancha oolong

Cassia Extraordinaire, Wuyi yancha oolong

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Tea Hong’s Most Bouquet Wuyi Oolong

Great discipline in the use of fire distinguishes Cassia Extraordinaire from most other Wuyi varieties with a supple, deliciously floral and delicate scent balanced with a full, lively body. Thanks to this masterful baking, this lighter style Wuyi oolong keeps well and improves with extended storage, as it should traditionally. This is our most “bouquet” style Wuyi oolong, being on the other end of the scale as the deep baked classic style Cassia Classic or Red Cloak Grande in Tea Hong’s proud Wuyi repertoire.

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Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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Taste profile

Flowery aroma with distinctive fresh cinnamon notes and elegant pitches of fresh herbs. Lively infusion of malty long taste and mild citrus bites. Refreshing high notes of herbs. Aftertaste of apple and malt.

Infusion tips

Great to enjoy it light, but much better when it is well infused to full strength either in conventional or gongfu approach. Use 90°C water to begin with. If you think it is too soft or if you want more aroma, increase the temperature maximally to 95°C.

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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 18 × 9 × 5 cm
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  1. Stunning & memorable (2011 version)

    This is an outstanding tea that is unlike and better than any other Wuyi oolong I’ve tasted (with the possible exception of Tea Hong’s Sacred Lily). It infuses forever, and somehow manages to display lasting aromatic characters alongside power and intensity, but with no element dominant and no intrusive charcoal. Every mouthful is pleasurable. It’s worth every cent.

  2. Excellent Tea

    Good orchid aroma with a clear floral and cinnamon flavor. Good huigan, body, and thickness in the mouth. Smooth, slightly sour taste which is extremely pleasant. Short gongfu brews produce depth of flavor, revealing layers of mineral and sweet flavors. One of the best Rou Gui’s I’ve ever had.

  3. What a stunning aromatic oolong

    I just prepared gongfu style a sample that I got for my business in Chile and I needed to write about it: what a wonderful aroma comes out from this tea. It’s made me feel like the famous Lu Tung’s quote “I am not interested in immortality, excepting for the taste (smell must I say) of tea.”

  4. My most expensive tea ever, and loving it!

    I should have written about a few other oolongs I tried since my happy experience with Phoenix Bittersweet, but I have to share with you this one. This is the most expensive tea I have ever bought and so pleased with it. It has a great sweet wood taste and a very interesting spice to it. Not hot or pungent or anything like that, but very memorable character. Warm, refreshing aroma and very tasteful tea. I have stopped alcohol for 6 years now, this tea is like a very fine wine, except that this keeps me sober and feeling healthy 😉

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