Eight Immortals Wudong, Phoenix dancong oolong

Eight Immortals Wudong, Phoenix dancong oolong

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Baxian Supreme:

This Fenghuang Dancong is rare in many ways. It is the best Eight Immortals we have tasted, including award winning ones. Not only is it mild but flavorful like a good Baxian should be, but also gently and yet persistently fragrant. The baked finish is optimise for depth in taste. This gives side benefits for friendliness to the weaker stomach as well as the potential for maturity. Not an easy task for making a bouquet style Phoenix oolong. Master Lin who grows this is a shy and mild person and an old friend. We could not be offering it at such great value otherwise.

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Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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Taste profile

Sweet, floral aroma with accents of ripen plum and raw honey. Freshness sensation of the woods after the rain. Infusion of silky tactility. Bright, tingly sweetness in smooth body. Accents of kumquat and apricot. Aftertaste of freshness and light sweetness with hints of dried dates.

Infusion tips

This tea is great for normal infusion — i.e. 1g in 100ml water for 5 minutes — in the pot or in the mug. Basing on 90°C, increase the temperature for more aroma and increased brightness, decrease for a softer effect. This is an outstanding tea for gongfu infusion with the gaiwan. Start with 20 seconds in a 140ml medium-thin thickness porcelain gaiwan with 4g of leaves and 95°C water. Adjust these parameters to your preference. Water is crucial in fine traditional oolongs infusion. Avoid water with lots of minerals, or that has been over-boiled.

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Weight 140 g
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  1. This is the best Ba Xian money can buy, and the most sophisticated and elegant representation of the cultivar that any dancong aficionado could ever hope to stumble across. Be prepared to break up with your current-favorite Ba Xian because this one will put it to shame and save you money at the same time.

    Ba Xian of this caliber always costs more than $1/g, and the price of this one is clearly a reflection of an excellent relationship Tea Hong has with an amazing grower/processor.

    The depth of the flavor profile is astonishing, and the clarity between each layer of flavor is unparalleled. There’s so much going on, and all of it retains its clarity across the full session whether I brew this up gongfu-style or Western-style. No matter your preference or skill level, this Ba Xian will consistently return some of the best cups of tea you’ll ever have in your life.

    Thick and juicy, luscious fruity flavors with heady floral accents and pervasive undertones of honey that stitch together a flawless experience, starting with the aroma coming off the dry leaf to the very last wafts of aromatics that you can lift off the bottom of an empty cup as it cools.

    This dancong is forgiving where others are finicky; it retails its clarity where others become muddied, it goes the extra mile where others become exhausted. The body is fully developed and the spine is strong, it will never offer a disappointing experience.

    This Ba Xian is truly a gift.

    • It is great comfort to read from a user who can so explicitly understand the rarity and value of this selection. It does take ample exposure to what’s available in the market, consistent brewing skills, as well as the talents of a sensitive palate to write this comment here. My deepest appreciation.

  2. After trying many many different kinds of Dan Cong, this Ba Xian is by far my personal favorite. It is very fruity but still has a great body to its taste and sweet after taste. When I meet with friends or colleagues, I often brew some of this tea for them and always look into very happy faces of my guests who are very surprised that tea can taste THIS good.

    • Indeed, this is a very well balanced dancong. A favourite not only amongst customers but also ourselves. Do experiment various infusion approaches with it to experience its many faces when you find the time to do it.

  3. Fantastic!
    We have tried other Eight Immortals from other tea shops but this Eight Immortals Baxian Wudong 2020 from Tea Hong beat them hands’ down! Makes one fantastic and lingering brew.

    • Eight Immortals is a signature bouquet style of the Fenghuang region. The processing of it is far simpler than any classic styles. However, it is exactly because of this simplicity that every element in tea production counts. And that is why making a superb quality is a lot more challenging than it sounds. So glad that you have tried others before coming to us for it. It also takes a discerning taster to appreciate the difference. Thank you.

  4. A bearer of of satisfaction and contentment in a cup, this BaXian is undoubtedly worthy of its namesake and high praise. Thank you for offering such an amazing tea!

    • Hey Chiam, I am glad you like this Baxian. It is one of my own favourites too.

  5. One more review I’d like to write
    I drank other Eight Immortals Wudong from another shop, and I could feel that this Eight Immortals Wudong is in quite much high quality. Thank you for introducing me this tea

    • I am so glad that you said this. Every year we have to spend a lot of efforts managing our sources in order to make sure they deliver their best outputs. Phoenix oolongs are amongst the most difficult ones since they are so much in high demand and the annual yield of genuine ones is small. Furthermore, Eight Immortals is not an easy tea to process well.

  6. My friend recommend this tea to me and I really thank him. The tea gives me the impression as if eight immortals are gathered around a place and enjoying their lives

    • We have really enjoyed your comment of this one and tried visualise the same picture. Some of us said we should be that eight immortal fairies chilling out for a tea picnic in the park. 🙂

  7. Good humble smell

    Very comfortable good smell. Not too much like fragrant flower. Humble like good Confucius teaching. Long lasting and good class taste. This tea make me happy.

  8. RE: New batch

    Hello Minh,
    Our tea master for Eight Immortals has a special way of curing the tea to make it last longer and improve with time. The tea is actually smoother now than when new.

    If yu want to wait till the new batch, it would be available mid to late May the earliest. However sometimes Leo would not buy a tea when he cannot find a good enough quality for that year.

  9. New batch

    Will there be a new batch I’m just wondering because Leo said bouquet dancong has a shorter shelf life and there was no spring batch this year.

  10. Best Baxian

    This is the best baxian I have ever tried regardless of price. I have searched around HK and Chaozhou to say that!!!!

  11. Superb in every way

    When you are in a perfect space and require a perfect friend this has to be it. This is so refined that the do not disturb sign has to be on the world until every last drop is tasted. You and the eight immortals will become one.

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