Orchid Gratus, Phoenix dancong oolong

Orchid Gratus, Phoenix dancong oolong

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Wudong Xingren Xiang

For people who like classic style Phoenix but desire something more mellow than Honey Orchid, Orchid Gratus offers a taste that is as full-bodied. It is balanced with as subtle a warm and slightly sweet aroma. Not only is this a great choice for the veteran tea connoisseur who seeks peace in the cup, but is also a bridge between softer oolongs and the more vibrant world of taste in Fenghuang Dancong.

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Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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烏崠 鋸朵仔 ( 杏仁香單欉 )

Taste profile

Soft, smooth and deep aroma of sun-dried sweet date in an overtone of raw honey. Hints of woodsy spices on accents of butter and suggestions of vanilla. Gentle, silky liquor with a delicate full body comprising of kumquat peel, apple, anise seed, malt, cream and a sweet touch of Chinese liquorice. Quenching and cleansing aftertaste.

Infusion tips

For an elegant and superbly fine tea like this, your personal preference matters as to how you prepare it. On the basis of 90°C, use a slightly higher temperature for more sharpness; a slightly lower temperature for longer infusion durations ( as relative to gone infusion style ) for a fuller body.


Since 2017, we have upgraded the house label “Orchid Gratus” to describe this much revered classic style Phoenix. Its TCM property is repositioned accordingly.

Our selection is produced in Wudong, the mecca of Fenghuang Dancong, from farmers who follow strict traditional practices and harvest only in Spring and one crop per year. This ensures authentic quality.

The original cultivar name, Juduozai ( ju-duo-zai, Teeth of Little Saw Blade ), is as well known as the marketing name Xingren Xiang — Fragrance of Almond ( referring to Chinese almond as that in the herbal shop, not the big fat one for snack ), thanks to popular use in the local market.

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  1. What a magnificent example of Xing Ren. I compared this directly against six other Xing Ren, all from different vendors – two of which were competition grade, one of them allegedly won second place in 2022 at the Chaozhou Tea King Competition, or something like that. Living in the United States makes it difficult to confirm such things, I suppose it comes down to trusting your vendors…

    Anyways, Tea Hong’s Orchid Gratus stands out as being right up there with the competition-grade and old-bush Xing Ren that I sampled, both of which are literally two and a half times more expensive per gram. This one has all of the right overlap in all of the correct places, but also carries with it some unique attributes that make this feel like an elevated expression of Xing Ren.

    Honestly, I’d rather have Orchid Gratus over the two competition-grade Xing Ren. It’s clear that the active phases of the processing; such as the baking, were executed perfectly, and also the resting phase, where patience is required for the maocha to catch up to the masterful techniques applied to it. This is the real deal, whoever made this tea is exceptionally skilled.

    As a result of the expert-level crafting, the flavor profile is exquisite. To me, it tastes like vanilla-bean infused plums and seared pineapple flesh, soaked in apple juice and then caramelized in a pan with herbaceous spices like star anise or fennel seed. As the flavor profile melts away, I’m left with distinct overtones of honey drenched florals that linger in the aftertaste for a long time, along with a pleasant minerality that is characteristic of high-end dancong.

    There’s a lot going on, and the soft edges this tea has make for a very pleasant overlap in the flavors that accentuates the whole experience as they mingle with one another. The texture is buttery-smooth and the mouthfeel is exceptionally rich; it brings with it a kind of pungency that creates a very expansive and long-lasting aftertaste with undertones of stewed and spiced apples. The aftertaste has its own complex and unique set of characteristics which sink very deeply into the palate, and make for an unforgettable experience.

    • While in the world of wine, comparative tasting has been a common practice amongst the consumers, it is far less common in tea. How I wish more people could be doing such similar exercises like you do to become smarter connoisseurs. Indeed, besides the mastery in the initial processing, patience and expertise in subsequent baking are critical in the making of any classic style Phoenix oolongs. Any deeper baked oolongs, actually. I am amazed that you are sensitive enough to have deciphered that through tasting. I am sure this tasting skill has made tea drinking a lot more enjoyable for you, as it has for me, both for my job and daily drinking.

  2. Fascinating, yet comfort.
    While the aroma is highly suggestive for dried fruits, woods, and spices like forest honey. The liquor is surprisingly luscious with notes of butter then gradually reveals the iconic cooked apple character which lingers in the deeper sensation. It makes the impression of hard-boiled spiced apple candy, dense aroma and mouthfeel with comfort sensation .
    As a self-proclaimed devotee for Xingren Xiang Dancong, this Orchid Gratus is the best representation of the traditional craft and pinnacle quality. If anyone is into the classic Phoenix oolongs I will definitely introduce this tea to him.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience and such wonderful description of the taste profile. I’ll make sure your next purchase will arrive with a great array of samples from our Phoenix selections 😉

  3. Elegant, complex fragrance

    The first time I had this tea I used the standard infusion parameters. It came across like the Snow Orchid, unsurprising as they are both categorized as bouquet Phoenix oolongs. But from smelling the infused leaves, I can tell that this Orchid Gratus is gravitating towards the traditional Phoenix style. The infused leaves also shows more oxidation than Snow Orchid.
    Then I tried it with 4g/100ml in 40 seconds. Wow, it reminds me of the Big White but without the faint sweet potato/peach aroma, yet somehow more complex. Smelling the tea is like smelling a good perfume, it is almost like there are many different fragrance combined together in a cup of tea. I’d say the aftertaste is not long, therefore I would twirl the tea in my mouth a little bit longer before swallowing it to enjoy the beautiful fragrance.

  4. Captivating

    Unbelievable aroma coming out from a tea! Silky texture and delicious. I still cannot get over it since drinking it 3 hours ago. Really amazing

  5. A BIG, BIG, TEA

    A vivid, but pleasant floral taste, fills the mouth and passes to the nose. A gardenia or orchid flavor is pervasive all over my mouth. Some mouth tingling activity, and thickness. A big huigan is present. This is really good tea that took me by surprise. I use less leaf as I don’t want the tea too over the top in sweetness. This is a tea that makes you take notice!

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