Phoenix Classic, dancong oolong

Phoenix Classic, dancong oolong

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Fenghuang Baiye:

Before Chaozhou Guest Hotel was privatised, this officially appointed lodging for visiting high-ranking government officials used to serve only classic style Phoenix oolongs in all of their restaurants*. Tea Hong’s Phoenix Classic could well be the special quality in the large white porcelain teapot on the breakfast table sitting next to bamboo steamers holding finely crafted dim sums for the privileged guests. All fine and quintessential characters of the classic Phoenix oolong can be found in this tea — Sweet, fruity, and lively with notes of peach and dried longan, lychee and sweet potato. A proud heritage of Guangdong oolong.

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Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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鳳凰蜜香 白葉單樅

Taste profile:

Soft, woodsy aroma with hints of sweet potato and fruits. Superb accents of highland moss. Matured ones with distinctive notes of sun-dried longan and lychee. Bright, tangy yet soft and sweet infusion on a malty and honey overtone. Clear notes of sweet root herbs and bites of peach peel. Aftertaste of light fruity sweetness. A great tea to compliment most dishes and salted snacks.

Infusion tips:

Phoenix oolongs of the shuixian family are not the easiest teas to prepare well. However, once you are able to bring out the best of one such tea of quality, it will be difficult not to be hooked for life. That is why they are quite often used as a subject in tests for tea infusion technique. Phoenix Classic is a good choice for practice. Aim at 85°C when the tealeaves come in contact with the water, when you are beginning. Adjust leaf-water ratio, duration and manner of infusion basing on that. As your understanding improves, everything can be transformed to get various infusion effects.

Storage tips:

We have let this tea settled for almost 6 months before rebaking it at low fire for enough depth. As long as you keep the package airtight, the tea will mature well providing standard tea storage conditions. Any further processing will destroy its integrity. The tea is good as of anytime you get the package, but if you want to mature it, it will attain a deeper and more intense character though less floral and fresh. 3 years after production is a good time to open the packet.

* In recent years, the now privatised provincial hotel serves only lousy broken grade black tea brewed in a 4-gallon stainless steel dispenser for their equally lousy buffet breakfast. To have a pot of the likes of Phoenix Classic, one needs to pay 60CNY and up.

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  1. Wow, what a delicious and amazing experience. The roast on this is flawless, it perfectly exemplifies what good firing techniques can, and should, do to the Bai Ye cultivar.

    Bai Ye is a pretty common cultivar, the market is flooded with it and most of it is, at best, middle of the road quality. A lot of Bai Ye is processed & sold as Mi Lan Xiang, and although there is an authentic Mi Lan Xiang cultivar, most of what’s sold to the Western-facing market is not the real thing. Anyways, Tea Hong’s Phoenix Classic is not a wanna-be Mi Lan, nor is it a middle-of-the-road example of Bai Ye. It’s priced like a daily drinker, but drinks like a special treat.

    The flavor profile is just so deep and layered, with complex notes of tropical fruits like passionfruit and lychee, accented perfectly by the flawless roast which only adds to the sweet and fruity notes rather than smothering or obscuring them. The body of this tea is smooth but pungent, with distinct notes of peaches, moss, and woods. It’s like walking through a thick forest on a hot summer day and feeling the fresh aromatics of the soil and trees working their way deeper and deeper into your lungs. There’s something spiritually satisfying about this tea.

    As I continue through my session, the clarity of the flavor profile continues to grow and so too does the strength of the aftertaste. The fruity flavors get stronger, and the peachy, nectar-like sweetness clings for longer, emanating from the back of my throat for at least one full hour before subsiding.

    The roast is detectable across the full session, but never felt on the palate. This is amazing, and while most people would overlook this characteristic, I want to point it out because it’s a sign of mastery in processing when you can get Fenghuang oolong to have a detectable level of charcoal in the aroma without having any detectable charcoal in the flavor profile. It’s only in the background, supporting and highlighting and accentuating all of the other flavors, and it never touches the palate by itself.

    This is a new daily drinker for me. I will always have some of this in my collection.

  2. I ordered 2018 Classic Phoenix and my friend really liked it.

    • Glad that you like it. Phoenix Classic really is a good choice for many different occasions!

  3. Immediately my favourite oolong … it is just so mellow and flavourful, easy to drink with lovely sweet notes and aftertaste. Soft on the palate. I have to reorder this… as my new staple oolong tea to which others will be compared.

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