Danhu Old Bush Song Cultivar, Phoenix dancong oolong

Danhu Old Bush Song Cultivar, Phoenix dancong oolong

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Huangzhi Xiang Dancong:

Cutting away from the main trail towards the more visited Zhongxin Yin and Lizai Ping, hidden away behind a spur, there is the quieter Wudong village Danhu. Shaded on the north of the dark rock mountain, it is cool here even at 4 pm on a summer day. The tea forests here are mostly made up of bushes 2 to 3 meters tall. Occasional 3 to 5 meter ones, each occupying a circular clearing around them, grow gloriously with their wide-spread crowns. Tiny patches of vegetables grown here and there under tea trees. The few families here have been tea farmers since their grandfathers remembered. As to when the old bush for our Song Cultivar have been here, no one can really tell.

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Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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丹湖老樅 宋種黃枝香 2018

Production note:

This old bush Song Cultivar Huangzhi Xiang is processed to the ideal of balance in bouquet and sweetness. Like all genuine Wudong productions of single bushes, there is only one harvest per year per tree, in Spring. The batch size this year is about 5kg and that is actually very good for an old tree. We are offering only a small portion of that.

What really does the name “Song Cultivar” mean?

“Song” refers to a dynastic era in where China is today between the 10th and 13th century. Song dynasty was a golden age of civilisation where the arts, crafts, material technology and even the economy was at its height in East Asia. Tea trees survived from this era and their direct asexually produced offsprings are called Song Cultivars in the region of Fenghuang ( aka Phoenix ). The name is sometimes presented in its pinyin romanised form as Song Zhong.

Taste profile:

Creamy rich floral aroma with sweet notes of vanilla, apricot, and mandarin orange. Accents of kumquat flower and honey on earthy, woodsy undertones. Buttery tactility carrying a sweet, round body of great depth. The interplay of minerals, sugars, fragrant oils and citric bites moves and changes in different zones of the mouth in the course of tasting. Refreshing sensations. Quenching, enduring, sweet aftertaste with clear and crisp citrus notes.

Infusion tips:

Contrary to common practices and concepts in Mainland China, very short infusion with a lot of leaves is NOT going to render the full profile of any finer Phoenix oolongs. Particularly for a tea as fine as this Honey Orchid Supreme. Alway refer to the international tasting standard of 2g per 100ml water for 5 minutes and adjust leaf to water ratio if you prefer to shorten the infusion time.

The amazing character of this dancong reveals itself with even at longer infusion time. Reduce the leaf to water ratio when you want to try that. #If you are using a smaller and/or thinner infusion ware, use higher water temperature to sustain enough heat throughout the infusion time. This tea is good to put up with as much as 99°C.

It is absolutely alright if you do not blanch the leaves for the first infusion. However, if you have matured the tea till the next half year after its production year or longer, a very quick blanch helps to bring out the full favour a little more easily.

Storage tips:

We have let this tea settled for almost 6 months before rebaking it at low fire for enough depth. As long as you keep the package airtight, the tea will mature well providing standard tea storage conditions. Any further processing will destroy its integrity. The tea is good as of anytime you get the package, but if you want to mature it, it will attain a deeper and more intense character though less floral and fresh. 3 years after production is a good time to open the packet.

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  1. It took some time for me to fully understand this tea since there are many more aspects to research and enjoy.
    It is complex but simple. The citrus note takes the center of the stage at all movements. Aroma, taste, mouthfeel, aftertaste and even the body sensation from it’s force are resemble to my experiences with good citrus fruits. This tea can dive deep and pull me to the bottom of my mind and bring enjoyment from the ground up.

    This tea is the cornerstone of my life experience and it will always find its place in my heart.

    • So happy that you have built a relationship with the very special find. “Complex and simple” is quite a poetic and true description. I love this tea dearly myself.

  2. This tea was the embodiment of the wonder, and sublime calm and peace in a tea cup some of us seek. What more could one wish for from a tea?

    • Thank you for sharing your feelings on drinking this tea. It truly is the transcendence of the state of mind that this rare dancong helps us to attain that is the most precious thing about tea.

  3. This is the best Oolong I’ve ever had.
    The vanilla and mandarin orange flavour honestly blows me away.
    It’s such a rich-tasting tea, I would even say that the price is too low for what you are getting.
    If you consider this tea but you are unsure because of the price, I can guarantee you that you won’t regret buying it. A must-have tea.

    I used 6g for 200ml water and my infusion times were:

    1. 1 minute
    2. 45 seconds
    3. 45 seconds
    4. 45 seconds
    5. 1 minute
    6. 1 minute
    7. 1 minute and 30 seconds
    8. 2 minutes
    9. 3 minutes
    10. 5 minutes

    You can even try more infusions.

  4. I bought 1kg of Huang Zhi Xiang in Chau Zhou at 5000 RMB/ jin so it is more expensive tea than this Danhu tea. I did tasting comparison with friends. This tea wins without doubt. Drink it quietly. This tea transcending with most wonderful tastes and scents.

  5. 令人上癮的茶。以為宋種已是最好,但喝過了這個以後,心裏只有它。

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