Wudong Cassia, Phoenix dancong oolong

Wudong Cassia, Phoenix dancong oolong

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Rougui Xiang Dancong

Although the name rougui is the same as that variety from Wuyi, this tea is from a pure breed Fenghuang Dancong Shuixian cultivar. Sexual propagation of tea trees does give happy surprises and this is an example of it. Discovered and isolated in 1970 by a horticulturalist Mr Wei and has maintained a low profile to avoid unneeded trouble during the height of Cultural Revolution, the cultivar Fenghuang Rougui Xiang Dancong  is only gradually picking up attention recently. Not all farmers are doing it right. It is a slow growing tea and only one harvest per year. We think every leaf is worth the search.

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Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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珍品鳳凰單欉 烏崠肉桂香

Taste profile:

Buttery sweet, round fragrance with accents of cinnamon, beetroot sugar and shortbread on a bouquet overtone. Creamy, sweet, round body enlivened with sparks of kumquat and light accents of fresh mint. High notes of fresh ginseng with persistent undertone of cinnamon. Soft, yet long-lasting sweet aftertaste from front upper palate to under the throat, continued to be accented with kumquat, fresh ginseng and cinnamon.

Infusion tips:

If you prefer a soft, sweet tea with a comfortable yet characteristic fine tea, infuse at slightly above 90°C. However, if you want enough high pitch to really ring the accents in the taste profile, use water slightly below boiling point but add it in a small stream circling round the ball of tealeaves, never hit the middle, or you lose the completeness of the wonderful uniqueness of this tea. Always preheat your vessels.

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Weight 150 g
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  1. Beautiful amber color

    I get great satisfaction comparing the dry bark-like strands to the plump infused leaves that grow and expand, coming alive in the gaiwan. For an American who is used to powder in a tea bag, this is quite an epiphany. I can never go back to tea bags now. Tea Hong has spoiled me forever. The fragrant taste on the upper palate and into the nasal area is a religious experience.

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