Tieguanyin Deep Brown 2010

Tieguanyin Deep Brown 2010

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The toasted sweet wood aroma of Tieguanyin Deep Brown comes from baking of the tea in low fire over times. Fire changes not only the color and taste but also its health nature. Those people who may feel nausea after other teas, including green or black ones, greener Tieguanyin or other oolongs, will likely be better off using this one. Baking also makes this tea suitable for storing for maturity. A good digestive.

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Net weight: 50 g (1.8 oz) in Kraft caddy

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Taste profile

Deep aroma of toasted sweet wood. Plumy body with a malty foundation accented with light citrous bites and herbaceous tints. Reasonable length with notable citrous sweetness.

Infusion tips

This tea can be quite strong when water is left in the pot with the leaves for too long. It is a good practice to follow proper infusion steps for the best taste and health benefits.

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Weight 180 g
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  1. A fine oolong

    This was my first “browned” oolong. I purchased it in late 2012, when it was just a bit young for drinking, from what I’ve read. At first, I had some issues with the flavours being a slight bit harsh, but over the last few months it has certainly mellowed. This is, I believe, the effects of maturation, which it does well in basic packaging.

    This tea infuses easily, especially in my rather lazy method of leaving the leaves in the gaiwan the whole time I drink from them and makes good tea when brewed in a pot at a 1g / 100ml ratio. It is also suitable for storage in a thermo for travel, so long as the ratio does not go beyond .6g / 100ml.

    When taken straight, it has a bold, smokey flavour with undertones of honey. The honey flavour lingers the longest. When taken in the weaker ratio, the honey disappears and the smokey portion remains. Conjures alertness, I’ve found.

    I have found this stimulates the digestive tract, probably due to caffeine content, after meals – most particularly cold meals like salads.

    This is a good place to begin exploring browner style oolongs.


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