Tieguanyin Light

Tieguanyin Light

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Goddess of Mercy:

The natural bouquet of an oolong comes as an integral part of the taste profile, such as that of our Tieguanyin Light. Not only is this coherent “oneness” a factor we tea purists cherish for purity’s sake, but is also perhaps a freshness we all need amongst the overdose of artificiality in modern life. Our Tieguanyin differs from others by being more faithful to the traditional style — less green but more fermented. This is reflected in its relatively more neutral TCM character, a silkier texture and a softer, rounder body.

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Net weight: 120g (4.2 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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Tea Hong’s Tieguanyin Light is a fine Minnan oolong produced in the traditional way, unlike what is popular in the market. It is longer fermented, slower baked at lower temperature to render that pure tieguanyin sensation which only this traditional approach can deliver.

Taste profile

Warm, buttery, and floral aroma of herbaceous overtone. Accents of new growth leaves. Soft and refreshing infusion of floral sweetness of velvety texture. Light herbaceous bites on sides of tongue. Moderate aftertaste.

Infusion tips

Contrary to popular practice, the best taste of this kind of Tieguanyin best shows itself upon longer infusion time. Adjust the tealeaves to water ratio so you can infuse the tea for at least 30 seconds at 90~95°C.

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 18 × 9 × 5 cm
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  1. A forrest in my mug!

    I threw a small teaspoon of this in my mug and in 2 minutes I had a forrest in there! The leaves unfurled and expanded so dramatically! They are green, fresh and very refreshing! I thought all green looking tea would be grassy or seaweedy but this is not. I am glad to have discovered that there are really a lot more about tea to explore. Thank you!


  2. Light and refreshing

    This is not like the green style version I bought in China, which although quite fragrant, makes my stomach sick. This is not like the kind of old people gongfu tea tieguanyin either, not bitter and stale smelling. This is fresh and refreshing, lightly fragrant, which I like much better than overly flowery. It gives very pleasant and refreshing feeling in the mouth for a long time. This breaks all my previous bad impressions of tieguanyin!

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