Tieguanyin Stout, bouquet oolong

Tieguanyin Stout, bouquet oolong

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Summit of Chang Keng

While Tea Hong’s Tieguanyin Traditional is a softer, sweeter style of the bead-rolled oolong, Tieguanyin Stout from the summit of Chang Keng, although from the same strand of cultivar, yields a much more robust taste profile. Local people say that is due to the soil and higher mineral content of the underground water. Considering the location is only about one hour away from where Tieguanyin Traditional is produced within the same county, it is quite amazing. Maybe it is also due to the slightly different style of processing, we guess. We are happy to have found it at this pristine quality after all, so as to offer to you an alternative style of this most well-known Fujian oolong.

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Net weight: 100g (3.5 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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Tea Hong’s Tieguanyin Stout is an alternative to the very popular Tieguanyin Traditional, although both are in the bouquet style. It is especially suitable for tea lovers who want to use gongfu infusion or other shorter infusion method but not quite successful with the Traditional option. Bouquet style Tieguanyin, after all, is the de facto selection for trying the tea brewing approach for many beginning to learn about tea.

Taste profile

Warm, buttery, and floral aroma of herbaceous overtone. Accents of new growth leaves. Clean, brisk infusion of floral sweetness in velvety texture. Light herbaceous bites on sides of tongue. Sweet aftertaste.

Infusion tips

For Gongfu style, begin with 7 g of tealeaves to 100 ml of water. 95°C infusion temperature for 30 seconds. Adjust these variables for a strength you prefer. Always blanch the leaves before the initial infusion.

For larger teapots using conventional style, 1.5 g of tealeaves to 100 ml of water, same temperature for 5 minutes. Adjust tealeaves amount or infusion time for strength. Also need to blanch the leaves.

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