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Mi Organic

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Taiwanese Wulong Black:

The field that Master Chen bought in scenic Huangshan in China is quite many times larger than his family tea farm in Nantou, Taiwan. He has brought with him what he thinks are most important to realise his vision: his Taiwan tea cultivars and decades of experience, to turn this beautiful piece of the mountain into his organic production base. Now after years of sweating we have organic versions of some of the most authentic tasting Taiwan teas: Paochong, wulong green, and this trendy wulong black tea. Mi infuses to a sweet, light tasting cup of comfort, a refuge from the daily hectics on your way to realise your own vision.

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Mi Organic

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Net weight: 50 g (1.8 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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台灣風 蜜香烏龍紅茶

Taste profile

Soft, plumy aroma with distinct accents of raisin and fresh prune. Mild, slightly sweet body with a citric tone. Lingering notes of dried kumquat, lychee, plum and grapefruit.

Infusion tips

Infuse in larger pots at 1 to 100 ratio for 5 minutes, for straight-drinking. Add 100% to 150% more leaves that are crushed if you want to add sugar or milk in the tea. Use two-thirds the leaves amount if you want to put the hot tea in a thermos to take out. Adjust the leaf amount according to personal taste but try to keep infusion time less than 6 minutes at all time.

Use almost boiling water in a gongfu approach. 7 to 100 ratio for 25 sec to start with.

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