Oriental Beauty, deep oxidation Taiwan oolong

Oriental Beauty, deep oxidation Taiwan oolong

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Dongfang Meiren

To experience why this unique Taiwan white tip oolong was nicknamed Oriental Beauty by Queen Elizabeth II, you have to taste the real thing. It is perhaps the most demanding tea to process well. Harvested only once a year in summer and after the young leaves are bitten by a kind of tiny leafhopper, genuine Dongfang Meiren can attain its special taste profile only after following the oolong processing routine modified especially for this tea. Tea Hong’s Phong-hong tè — the original name of Oriental Beauty — is a prime selection from the origin in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Taichi classMaple syrupTCM: Neutral EnergyTea Master's Choice

Net weight: 50 g ( 1.8 oz ) in Kraft-alu pack

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正宗深造青 珍品白毫烏龍

Taste profile

Fragrant with a warm and sweet floral impression. Tones of honey, lychee, dried longan, fresh moss and cinnamon accented with cedar wood on a bouquet undertone of sweet cream. Crystal clear amber liquor in the colour of maple syrup. Bright, mouth-watering sensation on contact. Clean, minty palate with faint notes of peach and American ginseng accentuated with a slight bitterness of the root of Astragalus propinquus ( aka huang qi ). Lasting, refreshing aftertaste that is minty, savoury of the aforesaid herbal root. Slight yet persistent sweetness at the throat.

Infusion tips

As it is demanding to cultivate and produce, genuine Oriental Beauty requires your attention to prepare well in order to manifest its full taste profile. The key is to keep the infusion temperature at around 90°C and adjust the leaf to water ratio towards infusion duration. Very slightly lower temperature if you find the slight bitterness not to your liking.

For users new to this tea, begin with a smaller infusion vessel using the standard 2 to 100 leaf to water ratio for 5 minutes. No blanching is required and properly preheat the tea ware. For gongfu style, begin with 4.5 to 100 and 90 sec. After you have familiarised with the tea, try different proportions and infusion durations for different effects. This is a delicate tea and water quality does play an influential role. As much as possible, use natural soft water.

This tea is prized for its unique fragrance. Take steps to enjoy the aroma.

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  1. This is a very elegant tea with wonderful mouthfeel. Just when you think that you couldn’t be further impressed by a similar high quality oolong tea, Oriental Beauty comes along! Its namesake cannot be more appropriate. I brewed gongfu style according to Tea Hong’s recommendations and managed 6 brews, increasing the brewing time for the 5th and 6th brews.

    • Happy that you have enjoyed this Oriental Beauty. A quality batch like this one does not come by every year. More than any other oolongs, in order to achieve its signature taste profile, it is highly dependent on the weather. The young leaves have to be bitten by the local green leafhoppers to an optimum degree before harvest. The amount of this tiny little bug is very much related to the weather. An under-bitten harvest would not yield the unique biochemistry that will make the taste elements in the final tea. When over, the leaves will not be able to bear the withering length and amount of rolling to make the tea. In another word, this tea is a gift from Nature as much as the result of Human’s ingenuity and dedicated efforts.

  2. Most delicious Oriental Beauty with unique Oriental Beauty tastes. How happy to find teashop good in both China tea and Taiwan tea. I have not tried this shop’s Nepal tea yet. I will try soon.

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