Pasha 2013, matured Pu’er shengcha

Pasha 2013, matured Pu’er shengcha

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Zou Bing Liang’s master piece

In the first decade of my tea career I used to neglect shengcha puer as an over-hyped lot. Poor products flooded so much of the market that the category alienated itself from me as a tea lover. Pasha changed all that. Its beautiful complexity converted me. From there on I have made a conscious effort in screening true gems amidst crowds of trite. ( Isn’t that true in all other tea varieties as well?) Shengcha from various subregions now has earned a place in my own repertoire. That from Pasha, however, is still my most preferred.

Master Zou’s ( Lao Tong Zhi ) team has certainly done a very good job in making this cha bing. This batch was exactly the same one that I tasted in his workshop in Yunnan and when I was converted and decided that I would carry the tea. These years of maturing have most wonderfully brought more depth and body to both the aroma and taste. We have set it at the lower market price available anywhere in the hope that more can experience this amazing tea.

Trinity class iconInfusion colour: Maple syrupTCM Neutral-cool iconTea Master's Choice iconGreat value!

Net weight per discus: 500 g (17.6 oz)


老同志 名山系列 2013 帕沙古樹

Taste profile

Sweet, floral and at the same time warming aroma with a clear and fresh honey overtone. Notes of gardenia, green raisin and the root of Chinese liquorice. Tints of almond, apricot and spices. Earthy undertones.

Velvety, yet bright and lively body. Malty, cooling and sweet. Umami with accents of jujube, matured dried mandarin orange peel, and dried plum. Tints of bitterness of almond and the skin of green raisin. Prominently cooling aftertaste that lasts. A huge “hui-gan”.

Infusion tips

Please visit this article for infusion guide: How to brew a cha bing

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 18 × 9 × 5 cm
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Pack size option

Single cha bing, 7 cha bings in original bamboo wrap




  1. In short: One of the best, if not the best, Pu’er teas I’ve tasted.

    In some way this is the Pu’er version of Honey Orchid Supreme, so I think most people who love that tea will also like this one. It has strong notes of honey and some fruity undertones of peaches, orange, and apricots. The first infusions have some woody / mossy notes that remind me of an old forest. In the later infusions this gets replaces by a very pleasant and soft sweetness that gives the tea a very optimistic energy. The Cha Qi of this tea increases concentration while still calming the body.
    The aftertaste that remains in the mouth after drinking the tea is probably the best I’ve had from Pu’er teas. It’s sweet and fruity without any dryness or bitterness. It stays in the moth for quite long.

    I usually brew this tea in a Sheng-Pu’er-seasoned Zini Yixing clay pot, because the clay thickens and softens the tea even more to enhance the mouth feel. But it also brews very well in porcelain or silver. It has become one of my favorite teas.

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