Bada 2011, Pu’er shu cha

Bada 2011, Pu’er shu cha

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Traditional Premium Shu Cha :

At 1800 m elevation, the temperature difference between day and night can easily be over 15°C even on a hot summer day. That is deep in the mountains in He Song of the Bada region in Xishuangbanna. Leaves grow much slower here, accumulated in them a little bit more plant protein, and the rich minerals from the pristine mountain soils. We pick whole sun-withered leaves from these native tea trees to process and mature into our premium grade shu cha pu’er. Presenting Bada, possibly the richest, deepest, and yet roundest post-fermented tea there is.

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Net weight: 120 g (4.2 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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Taste profile

Deep, woody aroma with accents of sun-dried lychee, liquorice root and jujube. Dark, smooth and sweet infusion of silky tactility. Impressive depth rounded with a slight touch of umami and brightened with tones of fennel seeds, liquorice root, dates and mandarin orange. Refreshing aftertaste at the palate, sweetness at the top of the throat suggesting liquorice root and mandarin orange.

Infusion tips

Infuse at 2:100, 1:100 or even less tealeaves for 5 minutes, as in conventional approaches. However, this tea plays wonders when prepared to more strength yet no bitterness or astringency. Use the gongfu style for a progression of changes, long infusion to experience its maximum impression. A well-seasoned Yixing pot would be ideal, but not necessary; this tea is really fine enough to stand on its own.

As with any pu’er, preheat your vessel well and always blanch the leaves before infusion.

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Weight 250 g
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  1. Rooster Crowing in My Cup

    This tea is the exact color of black coffee with the full body to match it. Zero bitterness. Holds up for multiple infusions, consistently producing the same dark, liquid silk — cup after cup. It’s already on my reorder list.

  2. Substantial tea

    The “body” of this puer can become very substantial with a lot of taste but at the same time mild and sweet. Never tasted anything like this and liking it!

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