Red Jade 2020

Red Jade 2020


Fragrance of Taiwan:

Deep in the mountains away from the tourist infested Sun Moon Lake, small tea bushes tidily populate small patches of rectangles between wild forrest and various orchards. A cross between Burma and a native wild tea, this Hong Yu cultivar, born right here in 1999, shines with a vibrant young green. It dominates the ambience with a smell that is both fresh and spicy. Farmers here still process black tea in small batches in the old fashioned way, though with the aid of a few new technologies for monitoring. Red Jade — the Fragrance of Taiwan — has to be so processed to that distinctive floral yet spicy aroma, minty and complex taste on a smooth body to be worthy of name.

Taichi classInfusion colour: wolfberryTCM: Neutral-warm EnergyTea Master's Choice

Net weight: 50 g (1.8 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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特級 臺⃝灣⃝香⃝ 魚池紅玉

Taste profile

Deep aroma of fragrant wood accented with a distinctive, spicy yet round, minty note and hints of cinnamon, pepper, bouquet and sweet prunes. Malty, smooth body characterised with the same mint persistence that is like a blend of anise seed, rosemary, cinnamon and peppermint. Undertones of sandalwood and other aromatic woods. A forthcoming bitterness gives depth and holds the unique taste profile well as a whole. Malty, refreshing aftertaste with sweetness at the throat.

Infusion tips

You can taste some of the taste profile description when this tea is prepared using quick and short infusion techniques. However, the full profile is revealed only when steeping the leaves for a full five minutes at 95°C. Adjust the leaf to water ratio for strength, raise the temperature slightly for more intense aroma, if that is not impactful enough already. For small vessels ( below 180 ml ), the ratio is 2g to 100 ml. When using larger vessels, 1g to 100 ml or lower. Increase infusion time for strength. As always with green and black teas, maintain a one batch, one infusion policy when infusing each round for 5 minutes or more.

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  1. Smooth and minty

    This is a wonderful Ruby 18. It is very smooth, with a strong minty taste. Just what I was hoping for. High quality stuff.

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