Ru Ware Ruby Splash

Ru Ware Ruby Splash

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Craft Teacups: Special Glaze series

Diameter: 7.7 cm

Capacity: 105 ml

Material: Hand-thrown ceramic with Ru ware style glaze on the inside and splatter overglaze on the outside.

Content: 1 cup

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Special Glaze Teacup series: Ru Ware Ruby Splash

Tall foot, curve brim teacup with classic Ru ware ( aka Ruyao ) style celadon glaze on the inside and special glaze effects on the outside. The colour is the Chinese ceramic traditional “ox blood” red.

Ru ware style is typified with very tiny cracks that cover the surface rather like an irregular spiderweb but not quite visible when the piece of ware is new. Upon repeated usage, tea becomes the patina agent that gives colour to the cracks to give you the similar visual effects on ancient pieces that you can see in museums. There are new products with imitation aged effects made with a different colour glaze on the cracks. However, they are not genuine like these in our Ru ware collection in this Special Glaze Teacup series.

A Song Dynasty Ru Ware wine warming bowl showing the typical cracked surface glaze effect

A Song Dynasty Ru Ware warming bowl showing the typical cracked surface glaze effect. Photo credit: National Palace Museum, Taiwan

Closeup of the tiny surface cracks in our Ru ware collection

Closeup of the tiny surface cracks in our Ru ware collection. These almost invisible cracks are not signs of defects, but a special visual effect typical of Ru ware. The lines in the cracks will be gradually more visible upon usage. Different teas even give different colours to the lines. It is a customs for some connoisseurs to use different Ru ware teacups for different teas to show off their individualised collection.


This is a handmade item. The product that you receive may vary in colour, pattern, shape and details from the particular one used in these pictures. As shown in the photos, the amount of red may differ proportionally from piece to piece. You may specify the intensity of red splatters for your cup when you order, we shall pick whichever in stock that best suit your requirement. However, we can only do our best to accommodate.

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