Serene Water Pearl Tea, traditional green tea

Serene Water Pearl Tea, traditional green tea

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Ping Shui Zhu Cha:

Back-track 3 centuries to when Qing China was still grand and tea was a respectable drink, zhu cha ( pearl tea ) from Ping Shui — the town of Serene Water — approached the price of gold when auctioned in London. As popularity grew, compromised products took over the market and resulted in those greyish bad taste that is known as “gunpowder” today. Tea Hong revives the original sweet tasting jewel of green teas in the same revered and enjoyable quality in the cups of the gentiles in both East and West in the good old days, but at a far more democratically accessible price.

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Net weight: 50 g (1.8 oz) in Handy alu-bag

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Taste profile

Soft, floral, and yet warm aroma on a base of cooked peas with hints of herbs. Silky soft infusion that is slightly sweet and tinkling with minute touches of fresh herbs and cream. Sweet aftertaste.

Infusion tips

Best taste results achievable in a gaiwan, small teapot, or infuser mug, all preferably made of porcelain. If you like to look at the unfurling of the beads into dancing young leaves and therefore prefer glass, use one with a spherical body, rather than cylindrical or a shallow one. That’s for optimising taste.

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