Silver Moon Himalayas, Nepal semi-oolong

Silver Moon Himalayas, Nepal semi-oolong

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Nepali Oriental Beauty :

The production of genuine Dong Fang Mei Ren involves a process that is a synthesis of that of a black tea and of a white tea, in addition to bites by green leafhoppers before plucking. Tea Hong’s Silver Moon Himalaya skips the bug part and has instead a superb growing environment under the pristine air and water on the roof of the world. Also the calming chill of the night and sweet dews that shy away on the leaves on the touch of the orange ray in the Himalayan morning. Same tenderly produced by master tea makers studying from Taiwan masters, this unique semi-oolong is a gem of tea gastronomy. Can be infused using either gongfu or conventional methods.

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Net weight: 60 g (2.1 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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喜馬拉雅山的東方美人  銀月丹古塔

Taste profile

Floral aroma in an overtone of freshly pressed sugarcane juice and the sweet warmth of baking cookies. Accent of watercress with hints of lemongrass and thyme. Brisk, fruity body with apple sweetness and herbaceous brightness. Bitter undertone with bites of pomelo peel. Like all teas west of Yunnan, this semi-oolong can be very strong when infused with a high leaf ratio or for a long duration. Use this to your advantage for enjoying with condiments or other ingredients. This is a great tea for testing your gongfu infusion skills because the floral and fruity aspects can be well interpreted with subdued bitterness and astringency when the “gongfu” is right.

Infusion tips

To appreciate the subtle nuances of this fine tea, always preheat the infusion vessel. Infuse at 95°C and not over 7 minutes. If you are using the gongfu approach, adjust tealeaves amount, temperature and water flow so you can infuse for at least 20 sec in the first round. Be aware that the size, shape, material and thickness distribution of the infusion vessel play vital roles in the effects of the infusion.

Unlike their Taiwan or Chinese counterparts, the adapted cultivars grown in this area yield teas with higher astringency and bitterness. Begin with 30% less than you would use Chinese blacks or oolongs in leaves to water ratio to understand how the tea relates to your palatial preference.

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  1. A Blockbuster of Everest Proportions

    Primrose meets peppercorn in a nostril-flaring, mood-lifting adventure. Two thumbs up and a standing ovation from the taste buds!

  2. unforgettable ‘bright’ aftertaste

    I’ve tried many black oolong teas from Nepal , Darjeeling and many Oriental Beauties from Taiwan. This one is right at the top. Unique bright colourful fruity aftertaste. This tea also has surprised me by its silky and smooth mouthfeel.
    Brewing parameters: 1.5 g in 70 ml gaiwan, using 85c temp. 6 steeps without a rinse: 60s/60s/90s/120s/180s

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