Snow Orchid Traditional

Snow Orchid Traditional

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Baked Xuepian Lanhua Xiang

Long before the technology for making the current version of Snow Orchid exists, producers have been making winter harvests of Fenghuang Dancong and call them “Xue Pian” — Snow Flakes — the original name of the tea from which the name Snow Orchid has been derived. The reason for such harvests to be valuable and qualify for inclusion in our collection is the wonderful aroma uniquely Xue Pian.

While the new drying method retains the highest level of aromatics, the traditional way, if done right, gives greater balance and a smoother liquor. It is this original version that impressed me 20 years ago.

Introducing Snow Orchid Traditional, Xue Pian Dancong in the old way. Slightly and optimally baked for that smoothness while delivering the same wonderful bouquet none other natural tea can compare.

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Net weight: 40 g (1.3 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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傳統焙火 雪片蘭花香

Snow and frost on a Fenghuang Dancong tea tree

Snow and frost on a Fenghuang Dancong tea tree

Taste Profile

Floral aroma with the accents of citrus and peaches on a slightly sweet undertone of cream and hints of honey. Lively, bright liquor tinkled with citrus peels and a touch of fennel seeds that manages to deliver an overall gentle and round body. The light citrus lingers to tinkle and calms with the after-nose of cream.

Infusion Tips

Tired of doing the small portion short infusion style? No worries, Snow Orchid Traditional is as beautiful when infused in a large teapot as it is when prepared in a small gaiwan, just a little different in the experience.

For 500ml of water, 5g of leaves can be infused for 9 minutes, beginning at 95°C. Use a top drop approach for optimum texture and the creamy touch: fill the pot with the water first, then gradually drop the leaves into it and put on the lid to brew.

Want something more of a process and a more substantial kick? Do the gongfu style using 100ml of water and 6g of leaves in a small vessel, preferably a porcelain gaiwan. Use hotter water than 95°C if you know the nuances of proper water pouring for this approach. Try 20 sec infusion time and adjust for personal preference.

Snow Orchid Traditional is an ideal tea to begin serious tea drinking whether you want to take up the eastern style or western style. As one gradually graduates from pretty tastes and flowery aroma to more substantial taste profiles, do try out other more demanding selections in the same Phoenix line or explore the wide range that Tea Hong has to offer.

Storage Tips

This tea has been cold-stored until shipping. While it is perfectly alright to let it stay in room temperature for a few months, its maximum aroma and taste profile decrease upon extended shelving. If you do not plan to consume the pack soon, it is better to store it in the fridge, sealed and better yet in an additional ziploc bag. To return the leaves to room temperature, take the pack out at least 2 hours before opening. This is key to subsequent storage and maximum infusion results.

Snow Orchid Traditional

Snow covering tea gardens in higher grounds in Fenghuang Shan

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