Snowy Egret, Taiwan green tea

Snowy Egret, Taiwan green tea

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Bai Lu Green Tea

Most green tea varieties made in Taiwan are processed with an approach so minimalist that the quality of the harvest and the characteristics of the cultivar almost entirely dictate the resultant taste profile. Processing skills are needed there to optimise it but when the weather or harvesting condition are not good, there is not a lot one can do during processing to salvage the quality.

In order to deliver the very best representation of what a premium Taiwan green tea can be, we have chosen a flavourful cultivar that many have used to produce black teas and Oriental Beauty with for our green tea: TTES#17*.

Tea Hong’s Snowy Egret is made in a specially designated farm from only the first flush of Bai Lu and masterfully handmade by the farm’s owner. Still, a fine harvest like this one in offer cannot be taken for granted every year.

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Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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明前白鷺 簡約綠茶

Taste profile

Warm, baked mung bean with a slight yet distinctive roasted apricot kernels overtone and fine floral accents.
Smooth, velvety, bright body hinting steamed millet and oat, tinkled with liquorice and a hint of citrus. Cool, soothing after taste with a touch of maltase and mint.

Infusion tips

This is the perfect green tea for a long infusion to enjoy the additional weight of the liquor as its velvety body glides across your tongue to release its unassuming yet unmistakable character. Make it 6 min at 2 g to 100 ml ratio in a small vessel. Use 85°C for a softer body, 95°C for more sharpness and aroma, or anywhere in between for personal preference.


Taiwan tea cultivar number 17 is fondly referred to as Bai Lu — Snowy Egret — the shingly white water bird with slender long neck, and also long beaks and legs. This communal graceful flyers are native to this part of the world. The tea plant is often harvested to make black tea and Oriental Beauty in various regions in Taiwan, for the pleasing taste profiles it has the potential for through the lengthy oxidative processing. That is one reason we have picked this cultivar: the foundation for a fuller body yet soft enough for those who prefer milder tastes

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