Song Qi Qi: Fang Gu

Song Qi Qi: Fang Gu

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Artist: Song Qi Qi
Pot style: Fang Gu (In the form of an ancient drum)
Material: Golden zhu-ni from the original mine
Capacity: 160 ml
Creation year: 2021

壺型:仿鼓 (也有稱為仿古)

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Song Qi Qi

An artist who has no regards for the national artist qualification system but certainly one of the more talented ones in the contemporary Yixing circle. Song Qi Qi maintains a low profile but her works are so outstanding that she is one of the most imitated. One can see forged artist seals in her name in teapots priced at various ranges. Her achievement in the craft is exhibited not only in the precision and slickness of the form, but also in the mastery of the clay itself.

Lidded vase with yellow overglaze, Ming dynasty, China. Collection at National Palace Museum, Taipei.

Lidded vase with yellow overglaze, Ming dynasty, China. Collection at National Palace Museum, Taipei. Photo copyrights by the museum.

About this teapot

This ‘Fang Gu’ piece is a good example of the artist’s use of form and material. Itself a classic and very practical form style, the curves, forms and proportions are precisely crafted. This humble form is given a unique and bright colour clay to give a contemporary, yet still humble statement.

Unlike what one can see in some counterfeit Yixing pots with glossy finish and bright colours, this classical yellow is achieved by way of fermentation and blending of Yixing ores and manipulation in firing. The hue and chromatic intensity reminds of Ming dynasty tribunal porcelain.

Packing: Tea towel pull bag in collector’s case

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