Taiping Houkui Premium, green tea of shidaye cultivar

Taiping Houkui Premium, green tea of shidaye cultivar

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Bujian Special:

A very special tea bush — Camellia sinensis cultivar Shidaye — makes this unique looking tea. Each and every tediously selected pluck is carefully flattened between meshes during the slow baking process. We select only the best of these top grades for the fresh, cooling and cleansing sensations that complete this tea’s purpose in addition to being wonderful to look at.

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Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in Kraft-alu pack

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Taste profile

Refreshingly green, yet floral aroma with a creamy undertone. Clarifying. Velvety infusion that is mild and smooth, green salad fresh, clarifying with light hints of herbs and a buttery undertone. The aftertaste is a clean, cooling sensation, and very slowly a slight sweetness.

Infusion tips

The best way to prepare this tea is the polarized temperature (ice-fire) technique. Put 3~4 small ice cubes on the bottom of a tall glass chahai and then 3 grams of tealeaves to each 200 ml of the glass capacity. Pour in boiling water quite slowly and then cover for 6 minutes. Decant into a cup or another glass. A quenching,, delicious glass of green tea is ready to serve.

Additional information

Weight 140 g
Dimensions 18 × 9 × 5 cm
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  1. A great tea to show

    This is also my first time with Taiping Houkui. The leaves look so beautiful before, during and after infusion. I used Leo’s “ice-fire” technique in a small party including my girl friend. They are all so excited to see it. Since a few years ago because a Japanese green tea made her sick, Keiko does not drink green tea. This time she was drinking it and like the taste. It is a unique taste that is not like the warmer Longjing or Huangshan Maofeng, but not sencha either. I cannot describe it.

  2. A beautiful tea

    I heard about this only a few years ago. Before I bought it, I thought it maybe sth gimmick (just like those blossom tea; yeah, they may look beautiful in the water but taste nothing! Why waste money on sth tasteless?). However, this Taiping Houkui tastes much better than I expect. Though its depth is not as good as other green tea like longjing, it has its own character. And it is truly beautiful with its bright green colour! Lovely!

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