Taiping Houkui Traditional, green tea of shidaye cultivar

Taiping Houkui Traditional, green tea of shidaye cultivar

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Nie Jian Supreme:

For those more demanding connoisseurs who want to enjoy the beautiful and unique appearance of Taiping Houkui, this supreme traditional quality delivers the most enjoyable taste profile of this variety. 100% hand processed and formed from the best quality plucks in its origin, Taiping Houkui Traditional is made the way like it was for tribute to the royal court in dynastic China.

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Net weight: 40 g (1.4 oz) in wide Kraft-alu pack

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Ice Fire Technique on Taipig Houkui

Tea infusion: Ice Fire Technique on Taipig Houkui


Taste Profile

A relatively sweeter, rounder and more floral aroma than the premium version of Taiping Houkui. Hints of apricot on a light undertone of baked mung bean. Smooth body that is slightly sweet hinting dried apricot and jujube balanced with a slight umami in the character of baked seaweed. Sweet, lingering aftertaste at the top of the throat.

Infusion tips

The best way to prepare this tea is the polarized temperature (ice-fire) technique. Put 3~4 small ice cubes on the bottom of a tall glass chahai and then 3 grams of tealeaves to each 200 ml of the glass capacity. Pour in boiling water quite slowly and then cover for 6 minutes. Decant into a cup or another glass. A quenching,, delicious glass of green tea is ready to serve.

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Weight 140 g
Dimensions 18 × 9 × 5 cm
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  1. Wish I could add pictures here!
    The infusion process is already spectacular.
    A wineglass with the beautiful fragile green leaves looks stunning!
    The sweet bean taste, apricot jam, smooth and silky umami.
    And I’m sure you finish it before the bitterness will come.
    If you’re not that fast, decant it into another glass 😉

  2. Brewed it in a Ball jar

    Not as glamorous as using a gaiwan, but when I saw the ice-fire instructions, a Ball jar seemed to be a good choice for these tall tea shards in a vessel that would not crack with heat fluctuation. Strained it into a tall pitcher using a gold tea filter. I can definitely taste the apricot and grass tones. Just lovely.

  3. Beautiful and smooth

    I tried a few packs the other Taiping Houkui and my girlfriend liked it. The infusion process has been a show for my friends. Therefore, when this came out, I immediately gave it a try too. The leaves do not look as spectacular as the other one, because they are not as brightly green and not as translucent thin. They are still quite neat. I forgot about it after the show in the party and yesterday I prepared it like any other green tea except perhaps a bit hotter water, the freshness and delightful flavour are really impressive. The unique high class Chinese tea qualities, such as floral, sweetness, cereal, and umami are all there, and not that seaweed taste in the other version. The most impressive part is smoothness. I don’t think I have tried any other green tea smooth like this. Also there is a velvety (?) mouth feel that is also new in green tea for me.

    This is for me the most wonderful green tea.

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