Tea-for-one: with double wall cup

Tea-for-one: with double wall cup

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Our all-in-one tea ware has been so popular that we are commissioning a few workshops for new designs. The first three designs come from a small studio in Chaozhou.

This Yixing style features a cup with double wall for more comfort in handling. Made in high quality replicate Yixing clay and genuinely mature-able. In minimalistic design, with two pot size options: a 90ml in the lighter colour duanni, and a 170ml in the deep brown zisha.

A very small experimental batch that we are giving out for free. For details please see this link:

Write in the “Leave a Message” section in the check-out page: February Blessing

T4-1-B: for the 90ml duanni design
T4-1-C: for the 170ml zisha design


二合一茶備 : 仿宜興陶配雙層隔熱杯

Tea-for-one: Yixing style with double wall cup

Pot capacity: 90ml / 170ml
Material: Replicate Yixing clay
Origin: Guangdong, China
Packing: Paper carton
Content: 1 infusion vessel, 1 cup

As with genuine Yixing teapots, please use one taste style of tea per teapot for better taste experience and for better maturity for the tea ware. This tea ware also requires proper cleaning and maintenance as genuine Yixing ware.

This is a semi-handmade item. Slight variations in color, pattern, shape and details from the particular one used in these pictures should be expected. Slight irregularities in shape, size, finishing smoothness and detail styling is not uncommon.

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Weight 585 g
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