Unity Joy Teapot Set

Unity Joy Teapot Set

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A properly styled teapot not only helps to optimize your tea quality, but also allows you to maintain proper etiquette in pouring. This maybe a most affordable tea set solution for the requirement while delivering a stylistic aura of its own. Choice of two surface decoration styles.



Unity Joy* Teapot Set

Teapot capacity: 590ml
Blooming Garden Material: Blue and White Porcelain
Lotus Haven Material: White porcelain with color overglaze
Origin: Fujian, China
Packing: Gift box with jersey lined polystyrene cushion
Content: 1 teapot, 6 cups
Shipping weight: 2.2kg
*Unity Joy (Hehuan) is a traditional Yixing pot style made by joining two bowl shaped halves: the top and the bottom to make the round and sturdy teapot body. People saw a symbolic meaning in it and therefore the name.
This is a semi-handmade item. Slight variations in color, pattern, shape and details from the particular one used in these pictures should be expected. Slight irregularities in shape, size, finishing smoothness and detail styling is not uncommon.

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Weight 1 g
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    I am sorry this software for posting comments does not allow any control for paragraphs or even line breaks. Hope you mange to read my tips okay.

  2. Here is how you put on the handle

    Here is how you can get the handle hooked into the pot:

    1. Click one end of the hook into one of the handle holes
    2. Press the end of the handle that is already in the hole with one or two fingers quite firmly and the rest of your palm pressing on the body of the pot
    3. Using your other hand, direct the other end of the handle to the other hole; it would seem too short now
    4. Hold the handle by the open end firmly, leaving the hook open and aligning the open hole
    5. Pull the handle wide enough to let the hook reach the hole; click into it and release

    The design makes use of the springy character of this steel to simplify the profile of the shape of the pot.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions or any comments. I hope you enjoy the products.

  3. owner of unity teapot

    I just received this gorgeous gift but am unable to get the handle on the pot. How should I put the handle on it?


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